Introduction to six sided dice:


A die is defined as a polyhedrol object usually cube. is in vogue from very ancient period. Even in Hindu mythology Mahabharat, rolling changed the full life of Pandavas. The plural dice means something played in French. is purely used for playing games normally gambling. In families, dice playing is restricted because of its gambline nature and also in stage players will forget about the game, get emotional when losing and start fighting. Even now playing dice is not considered decent in some places. Coming to shape of a die, it is a polyhedron with 6 faces.

Corners though not practically rounded made smooth to enable to roll freely. On each of its six faces, a different number of circular patches from 1 to 6 is marked. The patches are referred to pips which are circular in shape. The no of pips on each face is different and when rolling what appears facing top is the score of the die. The die is normally unbiased and when rolled each face has an equal change of coming up thus giving the integers 1 to 6 appearing on the top of the die. Because of this normally rolling die is played for gambling since chance of getting any integer is pure chance and causes thrill among players. Each player has an equal chance of winning as here no efficiency or intelligence is required.

Hence normally played by illiterate or poor people though it is not a general rule. Children play this for passing time and getting used to numbers. Hence though dice can be marked with symbols or any other thing with bias to cheat in a game, in common terminology by dice we mean common used in games unbiased with pips on the face, a cube smoothly rounded in all corners. How pips are appearing on the for different numbers: Normally 1 will be in the center 2 pipe in diagonally opposite corners, 3 pips same as two with one pip in between the two pips, for four each on one corner, five same as four with one in the center, 6 with 3 in one line and 3 in other line. These are the general appearance of any dice. PRECISION DICE: These are used for the game of craps.

Normally they are transparent because of polished finish, and pips drilled and filled with paint flush of the same density as the acetate used for dice. This procedure makes dice purely unbiased. NON CUBICAL DICE: Non cubical dice are polyhedral other than cubical in shape. Normally for making more than 6 faces, these types are used. Even dice with 8,12,10, 20 etc, can be made. As number of faces increase, a large number of probability distributions can be obtained. 10 faces can be used because it resembles decimal making calculations easier.

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