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From the host of their unique applications, IR thermometers are used in building and construction sites at various stages like cement processing, architectural glass production, press board manufacturing and others.

Cement Processing

The pre-heater or kiln refractory used for cement processing is expensive equipment, which is unfortunately prone to disastrous failures. Using non contact thermometers is the best way to understand the wearing out of the kiln refractory or detect any kind of damage to the machine beforehand. Infrared thermometers have inbuilt solutions that not only monitor hot spots but also convert energy into temperature units for better understanding. They perform this task seamlessly, thanks to their user-friendly interface and quick analysis and conversion of data.

Glass Manufacturing

Infrared thermometers are also known as laser temperature guns, as they sometimes use a laser beam to help focus the thermometer at a specific object. In a huge industrial construction site, while manufacturing glass, these guns help measure temperature during various complex processes like forming, glass bending, annealing, emissivity correction and tempering. They also help in monitoring and controlling temperature for the manufacture of one-sided construction glass.

Pressboard Applications

Pressboards are typically used in the building of outside walls, rooftops, subfloors, etc. These boards are made from scraps of wood, stuck together. Often, while processing wood, some of these scraps may protrude, generating pressure on the machinery, and thus creating a hot spot. Infrared Pyrometer are very handy in such a scenario. They monitor and identify excess heat or defects while processing pressboards. They can even pick up information about the moisture content of the board while it is in process as well as when it is drying, thus giving detailed information about the quality of the board.

These are the three main applications of IR thermometers at a building site. Besides, they are used while fixing rooftops, checking for excess moisture or leakage in the final construction, detecting defects in the electrical connections, etc. Using these thermometers enables greater process control as well as better management of process data. Plus, with accurate information, the user can offer better quality and uniform products.

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