Industrial Design is all about designing the consumer


The concept of Industrial design was first started in the 20th century when Peter Behrens, German architect was influenced by one of the English Designer. In the later period it flourished greatly in countries like Europe and Germany. Talking about the modern world, industrial design made its entry in the United States especially after the First World War. Modern day industrial design has found its usage in almost all the items of everyday life that might include designing a lamp to a chair to a bag.

An important part of the industrial design is ergonomics. Here, all the things are designed in accordance to the need of the human body. This can be best explained by taking the example of an office chair. A person spends the maximum time of his or her day in office sitting in a particular posture. Sitting in the same position for a long time often creates health problems like a backache or a pain in the knees.

In order to provide workers with the best work settings many companies now use ergonomic chairs. There are several important factors that are responsible for making the ergonomic chairs one of the most preferred ones. As far as the height is concerned, these chairs allow an individual to sit in a comfortable position. The armrests of the chair on the other hand provide rest to the shoulders. The backrest of this chair is design in such a way that it supports the curve of an individual's spine there by providing flexible front and back movements.

Apart from the chairs, iPhone is another stunning example of outstanding industrial design. Though most of the people in the worlds are obsessed with the technology that is used in the phone but they overlook one of the most important parts is its design. Developed by Sir Jonathan Ive, the first version of an iPhone gave intense competition to all its rivals with the use of Laser-Cut Sapphire Crystal and stainless steel detection ring. This is because of its unique design.

Hence, by reading the above paragraph, you can determine the immense benefits and the blessings that industrial design has on the human beings. The person behind the miraculous design of products is known as industry designer. The main task of this professional is to apply all the technical skills in order to develop the look of a particular product. The main task is to design all the products in accordance to the requirement of the customers.

In the near future industrial design is going to develop more as the need for improving the quality of products will become a necessity.

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