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For vivid and warm Australian Landscape Photography, notice the 'Stock-quality' images. If you notice them, you would see that they make great use of color. So, while you are taking such a photograph, search for solid primary colors. Bright 'red, emerald green, lightning yellow, and ocean blue- solid colors give a different dimension to your picture. Use a polarizer to bring out the vivid colors. While you are playing with colors try to avoid patterns as much as possible as they tend to distract your viewers from the subject.

Alternatively, for a calmer effect on your landscape photography, look for 'color harmony'. Scenes restricted to similar tones and colors, or even a single color brings out a calm, restful image where the eye plays with the differing shades and intensities. Look for pastels, cream, or delicate shades, when it's a serene effect you want to capture.After playing with colors comes to the next point that will be how to play with drama lights in Landscape Photography that would be called as 'Create drama with lights'.

Create drama with lights

In my vertical, which is Australian Landscape Photography, I've often seen that photographs that win competitions are often the ones that make fascinating use of light. Keep an eye out for that silver lining- the beams of light shining through clouds, sparkling light through the trees or windows, elaborate long shadows and the effect of side and back lighting. Try and use the beautiful warm golden hours of early morning and late afternoon. You will experience magic through your lenses at these hours. Maybe this is why they are called 'magic hours'. Landscape Photography requires the skill of the use of light.

Last and Final point that would be I am going to share with you i.e. the power of people in your photographs.

The power of people in your photographs

Include the power of people in your photographs. You must have noticed that magazines in particular always create a dramatic effect by including people in the shot. A human face or figure always gives the viewer a human connection. It instills in your viewer a sense of being there, a sense of scale. If you want to portray emotions there is nothing better than capturing a face to say it all. Laughter, despair, hope, hopelessness, proud, age- a human face tells it all. Simplify the shot down to one person for that exclusive reaction.

Catch the promise of tomorrow with the young and the worldly and the weather worn. Young and old faces make wonderful subjects with their innocent expressions and aged with wisdom faces respectively. They make your shots warm, friendly, and someone you can relate to. Like a good old friend. Such photographs never grow old.

Take heed of the above ingredients and mix them in an equal proportion according to your subject, place and time and you'll see that in no time you have a photograph that you can be proud of!

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