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Though the computers can easily assist the employees in any task but still there is enough space to improve the efficiency of the process. Smart people are aware of the fact that even saving a little of their work time over the routine operation automations means saving about thousands of dollars on enterprise scale level. The incompatibility of the document formats is one of the major problems of computerized office environment. Since there is a mass of data exchange standards so the employees need to convert or process the different types of data so that they can create one editable file.

Sometime even copying the text from one application to the target document becomes difficult as there are many formats that present text in the form of graphical images or set of symbols. So converting such documents daily to editable formats decreases the work efficiency to about 15%. So there are many people looking out for a solution to this situation and you are among those if you have landed on this page.

The best solution to this situation and to increase your work efficiency is to get Scrape Text software that uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology which is one click technology that helps in text scraping that is the conversion of any type of data into rich text or plain text format irrespective of the format of source document.

Once the Scrape Text has been downloaded and installed then an icon appears in the Task Tray area. By clicking on this icon your cursor will turn into a magical cursor through which simply by clicking on any type of text in any application or window, the text will be recognized and copied to the clipboard in the format that you have selected. Regardless of whether the text is from a secured PDF file, Windows Explorer, message box on your computer screen or web browser, Scrape Text will easily copy those texts which cannot be saved normally. Furthermore, Scrape Text allows easy transfer of data between two or more documents simply by clicking the mouse button.

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