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So what exactly are these virtual tours or walkthroughs?

A walkthrough is an image created by stitching together a series of photographs that have been taken using a camera rotated at a single point, and which covers the entire 360 degree horizontal and vertical views. This makes it a 360 x 360 panorama. If the series only captures the horizontal view, then it would be a 360 x 180 panorama. In either case, if you want a high quality output for professional use, you need to stitch the images either using specialized panorama software or special panorama features of an image editing software. Digital studios that offer photo editing including 360 panorama photography post production services use latest software and produce images of professional quality.

Practical applications of panorama walkthroughs

As a marketing tool, 360 panorama photography walkthroughs are used by several industries, like travel and tourism, real estate, universities, automobiles, IT enabled services/BPO etc. These could be created to exhibit from building premises to locations to even vehicle interiors. Here are some interesting examples of panorama walkthroughs:

With latest web technologies marrying digital panorama photography, businesses can take their marketing potential to new dimensions.

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