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360 degree photography offers the view of a scene or an object from all its angles, that is, 360 degree view. It is increasingly used for e-commerce and tourism nowadays, but more so in the case of e-commerce due to the high returns they bring. It lets the online merchants showcase their products in a detailed manner before their visitors who might be convinced to purchase faster. For products like a digital camera, a piece of jewellery, a clothing item or mobile phone 360 degree photography can be a really effective technique of marketing, both from the seller and buyer's points of view.

While it is quite a good addition to your website, 360 degree photography could be costly and more expensive than ordinary single view photographs. However, collecting some information regarding this technique could help you from the danger of being overcharged and bluffed with faulty images and poor photographic work. Also, once you collect some information and master the basic technique you could give it a try on your own as well. So let's see how to choose the basic equipments required for 360 degree photography.


Needless to say, you need a high quality camera from a reputed brand for optimum results. The better the camera, the better the image quality as well. The camera would need some adjustment features that would capture even the minute details of the product and present them in the best possible way. It is better to have the auto focus feature if you are not a professional photographer. This is because turning the product would change the focus as well.


If you have to move the camera each time it is better to have a tripod or an equivalent equipment to keep the camera steady. However, while choosing the tripod you have to ensure that it can be easily adjusted without tilting the camera. For example, if you are taking the picture outdoors, you should be able to move the camera without moving the product out of focus. The tripod should enable you to move the camera position and the height without any jerks or tilts.


For taking the photographs of the products turning the product is always better than turning the camera. You could make this turning process smoother and easier with a turntable than an ordinary table. Turntable can shift the direction of the product in a smoother way without jerking the product and thus making it move from its current position before the camera.

Image processing software

Once the images are captured you need advanced image processing software that can merge these images and enable the website visitor to turn the product to different sides without feeling any disconnection at any point. There are several photo editing tools that you can download from the Internet or purchase to get the best finish and an enhanced 360 degree view of the object. You could also consult experts on which software to be used or get it done by them, which is more recommended.

While these are some basic tips for you in choosing the right equipment, you shouldn't forget that they have different upgraded versions that can enhance the overall impact of the images. For this you could seek professional help or collect more information. Ultimately what you need is an attractive website that helps your visitors to purchase by showcasing the products in the best possible way. And for this every effort you take like adding 360 degrees photography to your website is absolutely worth it.

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