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Glass ball lens has revolutionised the way in which fine medical instruments are being manufactured. In various diagnostic and therapeutic processes where laser light is to be used, half ball lens made of glass, ruby or sapphire are used. Laser light is very corrosive and can melt or corrode any kind of metal. But the half ball hemisphere gives a clear transparency, prevents wear and tear and is not corroded.

Ruby ball finds use in opto-electronic devices, hand held calibration or measuring scanners, and various collimation techniques. Due to the high refractive index, the glass ball lens has been in high demand. When people, especially the industrial houses, are trying to spruce their existing facilities, they should make it a point to order for precision instruments which are made of sapphire or glass.

For instruments which are used to gauge different measurements and take readings, use of half ball lens or half ball hemisphere should be checked. Watch manufacturers are using sapphire ball in their bearings inside the watch machineries. This allows the negligible chance of wear and tear of the parts and ensures that the watch keeps on running and there is no need of maintenance.

Laser lights, handheld barcode scanners also use the glasses made of sapphire or ruby, which allow sufficient heated light to move across without damaging the glass or the instruments. Since these balls and windows are scratch resistant, there is seldom a need of getting them replaced.

Unless there is a serious electrical fault, these equipments are not required to be replaced for mechanical damage. As people are realising the importance of use of balls made of glass or sapphire, they are stressing on items such as watch, while buying. The durability, provides the customers a value of their money, while for the manufacturers, the technology is the perfect means to lower the cost of production and prepare such items that are liked by people.

The consideration for the making of such gadgets has come from the intense desire of scientists to provide people with quality products at affordable prices. With the introduction of ruby ball and sapphire ball, this has become possible. Now, people have the choice to accept what is good in the long run, or still go after products that look stylish.

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