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by:Crylight     2020-09-26

Swarovski Zirconia Crystals

Swarovski Zirconia jewellery is available at Swarovski outlets and with other retailers who carry the brand. The jewellery is also available with online retailers. The Pure Brilliance Zirconia Cut of these stones is of very high quality. It meets the high quality diamond cut standards of the Gemological Institute of America. All Pure Brilliance Zirconia crystals are engraved with the eight-point star pattern. So, lookout for this microscopic laser engraving to ascertain the authenticity of these stones while making a purchase. Although, most Swarovski Zirconia jewellery pieces are made from sterling silver, many of them are also made from gold.

Lightweight Gold

Swarovski Zirconia gold jewellery looks lovely and is quite lightweight. The pieces are either gold plated or are made using 14k and 18k gold. Some of them also make use of sterling silver along with gold plating. Apart from the traditional yellow gold, the trendier varieties of colored gold like white and rose are also used. The Zirconia crystals used in the jewellery are available in a wide range of colors. They can be white, amethyst purple, turquoise, pink, and also aquamarine blue. Some of them are also multicoloured or have rainbow hued bands.

Trendy and Casual Jewellery

This type of jewellery falls in the casual chic category and is common teamed with every day garments and official attires. It is a really good pick for daily wear. The designs can be classic, modern or even funky. Thus, they appeal to a wide range of buyers. Grownups, youngster and even college goers can easily find a style they like. You can buy a fancy cocktail ring to with a party dress or a crystal studded chain to go with your hip hop do. The universal appeal of Swarovski Zirconia jewellery will be liked by many and it will easily become a hit in the pocket friendly segment.

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