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PureVision Lenses

From Bausch & Lomb, PureVision contacts use patented AerGel silicon hydrogel material to deliver high levels of oxygen to the eyes, creating maximum comfort. Available as daily, one- to two-week, and monthly disposables, these contact lenses should be regularly replaced so that you can start each time with a fresh pair, clean and free of allergens and protein deposits. The spherical aberration provides the crisp, crystal-clear vision you crave for superior day-to-day performance. Ask your eye doctor about these contacts today and start seeing the PureVision difference.

Acuvue Moist Lenses

Experience a whole new level of eye comfort with the Acuvue Moist lenses from Johnson & Johnson. The one-day lenses are recommended for allergy sufferers, eliminating the problem of protein build-up that can accumulate over time. And with one-day contacts, there is no clean up or storage neededyou can have convenience as well as comfort. Lens material consists of 42% polymer and 58% water, providing eyes with as much exposure to moisture as possible. Simply try on a pair of Acuvue Moist contacts and you'll be hooked.

Focus Aqua Comfort Plus Lenses

Unparalleled in comfort and quality, the Focus Aqua Comfort Plus lenses will maintain a relaxed fit throughout the day. An AquaRelease moisturizing agent makes sure that your eyes will stay comfortable all day long for a refreshing feel you have to try to believe. Available in the daily form that is recommended for people with allergies, these contacts are made with moisture-retaining materials that will not dry out. Be sure to get a trial pair from your eye doctor and experience the bliss of contacts with a natural fit.

Proclear Lenses

You won't even feel like you are wearing contacts with the Proclear brand of contact lenses. The unique phosphorylcholine material is found in human cell membranes so that your eyes will be surrounded by more natural materials that they are accustomed to. Featuring 40% polymer and 60% water, these lenses will keep your eyes hydrated from morning to night for the lasting comfort you've been looking for. With the one-day contacts, you can enjoy the freedom of daily disposables without worrying about cleaning and contact storage. Treat your eyes to the natural feel of Proclear.

Vertex Sphere Lenses

Stave off the itchy, watery eyes brought on by allergy season with the luxuriously comfortable Vertex Sphere lenses. Cooper Vision's patented UltraSync edge design offers the latest in contact wear technology, allowing for free-flowing moisture and oxygen to easily penetrate the lens. With 45% polymer and 55% water, these contact lenses are crafted to ensure a soothing feel while providing crisp and clean vision. Discover how contacts made with maximum levels of moisture will improve the day-to-day feel of your eyes with the Vertex Sphere contacts.

Soflens Disposable Lenses

You won't want to pass up the immediate comfort and high quality featured in Softlens contacts. The recommended one-day lenses let you start out each day with a fresh pair free from dust and build-up. With a water content of 70%, these lenses create a natural feel that will pamper your eyes all day long. Each contact comes with a tint that won't change the color of your eyes but will make locating and applying it an easy process. See what you're missing with the exceptional quality of Soflens, from Baush & Lomb.

Air Optix Aqua Lenses

Infused with soothing moisture, the Air Optix Aqua lenses were designed to retain maximum oxygen levels for a healthy, enjoyable fit. These contacts feature an incredibly smooth surface that resists the harmful deposits that are so common in allergy seasons. 33% Iotrafilcon B water content maintains a comfortable texture for strong yet soft material that will protect your eye as well as care for it. For precise vision and premium eye care, turn to Air Optix Aqua Lensesyour eyes will thank you for it.

Disposable contact lenses are the best choice for those who experience allergies on a regular basis. If your condition is more severe, then talk to your eye care professional to learn about special eye drops or medications that can help alleviate discomfort.

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