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There are several typical things for every single sort of moving head.

Light source - moving head fixtures normally have arc lamps as their light source, though LED units are also used. Owing to this, a special power supply is used, and the lights cannot be dimmed.

Dimming - in order to operate the intensity of the light output, moving heads need dimming or fading. Since this cannot be achieved electrically, it is completed mechanically using specifically designed for the function shutters or discs.

Movement - among the greatest advantages of moving head fixtures is their capacity to aim the lights in just about each and every direction. This is feasible using the assistance of servo or stepper motors, though the speed of movement isn't that quick.

Strobe shutter - a lot of moving head lights have an additional shutter for strobe control, which utilizes the on/off principle at a very high speed.

Colours - an additional amazing attribute of the moving head lights. There are 2 kinds of colour control - one colour and colour mixing. The one colour control is produced by one or more spinning wheels inside the moving head. Special dichroic filter systems generate the various colours. The colour mixing control is reached using the assistance of CMY subtractive colour mixing filter systems, in which the three basic colours Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are mixed using various intensity and generate wide variety of colours.

Gobos - Gobos may be seen in any moving heads spot - most of the fixtures come with quite a few integrated already in them, but a lot more may be custom-made and added if needed. Gobos are normally pieces of metal (though items produced from glass exist as well), with holes cut into, producing a particular pattern of light. They may be of any kind - abstract or subjects from the real world.

Prism, Focusing and other various effects - Prism separates the light beam into three, 5 or a lot more images, using the possibility of spinning the latest. Focusing may be easy completed just using a little effort from the working desk.

Summarizing, all talked about above functions and information have to be convincing enough for the significance of the moving head lights for any disco cub or nightclub. Moving head fixtures add an additional pinch of spice to any light performance, so each and every productive producer should count on them.

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