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Basically, the Street View on Google Maps will show users the images or photos which have been previously captured by the camera. Therefore, you can explore several cities and historical places by simply searching for a place (by long-pressing the map) and then tap the Street View option on your Android handset. When viewing the places, you can adjust its size, directions as well as angles in order to get the best view based on your wishes.

When in the desktop version, the application comes with 19 collections to select from that consists of World Wonders Project, Amazon, Swiss Alps, Seven Continents of Street View, Art project, Discover Israel, Historic Italy, UNESCO World Heritage, US Highlights, Business Highlights, Parks of the World, Ski Resorts and Slopes, World Landmarks, Scenic Hawaii, Universities Campuses, Russian Highlights, Thailand Highlights, Poland Highlights along with USA Summer Attractions.

Also, you can even use the filters while looking for place which include the Beaches, Bridges, Museums, Places of Worship and Restaurants. Also, you can do your quest based on Country that contains 21 different countries around the world beginning from Antartica to Russia. However, it does not yet support for the complete nations on earth.

If you choose to check this application, you will need to install this app on your Android handset. The app is available for free in Play Market and make sure that your current smartphone has been loaded with at least Android 2.2 (Froyo). Also, make certain that the Google Maps has been already installed on your smartphone in an effort to get the maximum performance of this app.

In general, the Street View on Google Maps will provide you with a whole new different experience particularly when seeking places to visit or simply for viewing your preferred places. You can now visit the places that you may never hope to visit in your own life. But on the other hand, the developer will need to carry out several refinements to this mobile application because there are some imprecise previews or images in this application. Also, users may experience that it may so hard to navigate as it doesn't automatically rotate to point arrow in the same direction.

There is also a consideration that this application may violate the privacy concern especially when it's accessed online. For example, the privacy can be violated when the photos are viewed online by the people across the world without having the confirmation or permission from the owners first.

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