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Home security camera systems are actually pretty easy to work with. Most of the systems that are available in the market are not only simple to install but provides a swift layer of protection for different types of homes including condominiums, apartments and family residences. Business surveillance systems have more specific needs than the home security systems. So, is there any system which is suitable for both residential buildings and commercial ones? Of course, there is. The best kind of cameras that would serve both these purposes is the dome cameras. They come in various types and are designed for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. These cameras are designed in such ways that they look like ordinary web cams that we come across every now and then. Moreover, they are really easy to fit and install too.

The dome security cameras systems all look similar but the features vary from one type to another. Some of these cameras fall in the wireless category while others have day and nights, infra-red lighting, vandal proof domes and weather proof domes. These cameras are generally available in black and white colors and come with different video qualities. You can purchase a camera which has the resolution that you prefer. These cameras are even available in multi camera systems from different angles. The price is basically dependant on the features and image resolution.

Dome security camera systems also come with automatic tracking intelligence and motion sensors. The best feature of these cameras is probably that they offer 360 degree surveillance. They are designed to have a complete view from almost any location. As these cameras have domes around the lenses, one can never tell in which way the lens is actually pointing. These security cameras systems have another beneficial feature: the domes. These domes are generally made from tinted fiber glass. Thus they do not obstruct visibility of the lens but at the very same time protect the lens from harsh sunlight, dust and rain. It is these feature that makes these cameras highly durable.

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