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There are different forms of whitening kits that give a healthy white smile to reach your satisfaction level. This article will help you knowing various forms of the whitening kits and how to use them -

WHITENING PENS - these are the fastest method for teeth whitening, you just need to twist the bottom, and whiten your teeth. The method is quite inexpensive and very easy to use. You can thus whiten your teeth without any LASER treatment or trays. Pens are best when you are on a GO, as it is very handy and can be carried even in pockets. But try to use it at least 2 minutes after food intake.

WHITENING GELS - unlike paste these are quite effective, and can be used with the help of LASER or with the help of trays, which are just like a guard and acts accordingly too. The main content is carbamide peroxide solution and the percentage varies from 10 - 22%. When 10% is for sensitive teeth, 22% is for heavily stained teeth.

WHITENING PASTE - this are not very effective, and contain a very small proportion of peroxide solution. It will not burn your gum and hence you can use it safely without much guard for your gums.

WHITENING FOAM - One packet comes with gel and floss together. First you need to clean off your teeth with the gel, and then use floss for the best results.

CREST WHITENING STRIPS - there are 2 forms of crest strips - premium and supreme variety. The former is not at all harsh, and contain a minimum amount of peroxide solution while the supreme variety contains high percentage of the same. But you can only get them through ONLINE

SHOPPING; in the retail outlets only 3D and night variety are available. These are also equally effective. Moreover, crest strips are pocket friendly and can be used without any hassles. You can even apply some of the strips at night, and get up the next morning with a healthy white smile.

Lastly let us take a look on LASER treatment and LED therapy. Both of these treatments go in a like fashion. The strong convergent beam energies the crystal particles of peroxide solution and hence it can penetrate well into teeth and whiten the teeth within an hour.

LASER treatment can be done according at dentist's chamber or you can even do it sitting back at home. But wherever you do, remember to guard your gum, as well as eyes, and other parts. LED treatment is also just like LASER, but is relatively less harmful for body parts. However this is rather expensive, but as the solution used is peroxide only, the need of using LASER treatment is not that much needed.

VENEER treatment - this is the costliest of all methods available in the market. And it is the VENEER that holds the secret behind the HOLLYWOOD smile. If you too want to be the owner of such bright healthy teeth, you can choose to use VENEER treatment. but, in this case you may have to roll tears over money.

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