If you are one of eyeglasses wearers, you may

by:Crylight     2020-09-29

According to the eye doctor, the new glasses will cause some discomforts to some degree. There are several reasons as follow. The power of the new glasses has some differences comparing with the previous pair. Wearing the new pair may cause a little bit dizzy and eye fatigue. If the previous glasses are deformed seriously, and they are worn for a long time, the wearers may feel uncomfortable with the new pair.

The changing from spherical lens to aspheric lens will cause distortion of images and slight dizziness. What's more, if your last pair of glasses was made with the nose pad, you may feel discomfort wearing the glasses without nose pad. These all are the possible uncomfortable phenomena with the new glasses. But they will disappear in a short period, usually in about one week.

The distortion of the image perhaps appears in the new glasses. Some of them will disappear. However, if you face to the following problems, it is better to have an overall check of your eyes. The incorrect astigmatism axis and power will cause distortion. The poor quality lenses will also lead to the distorted images.

In order to avoid the possible image distortion as above, it is better to go to professional optical stores to get eyeglasses for your own sake.

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