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The information on the first eyeglasses is available from a sermon delivered by the Dominican friar Giordano da Pisa on February 23, 1306, who informs that it was about 1286, the first eyeglasses were made in Italy. But, the credit for the actual invention of bifocals was goes to the American scientist Benjamin Franklin (1760 -1790).

The long journey of eyeglasses has also seen many changes and modifications. The modern time has seen the introduction of laser corrective eye surgery and contact lenses. These vision correction measures also became immensely popular among the masses, but the use of glasses still remains a widely accepted measure for vision problems and the protection of eyes from wind, dust, particles and others.

Today, the buyers can buy different types and styles of eyeglasses from different sources, from eye clinics, physical retail glass shops and online stores, but among these sources, the people are finding Internet stores most ideal place to search for their designer, trendy and stylish glasses. They can buy online designer prescription glasses with Anti - glare coating to protect eyes from bright glares and ultra-violet rays.

There are also a wide variety of designer and stylish eyeglasses offered by online stores. The prices quoted are much lower to what offered by the physical retail shops. You can search for the lucrative discounts for your every pair of glass purchases. These stores not only meet your needs of trendy looks and designs but also can provide you glass frames made of different materials and colors.

Again, buying a pair of glass is not enough unless it enhances your appearance, provide you comfort, lightweight, flexible and long lasting. If a glass is not durable for everyday use and cannot withstand frequent tempering then it can be a costly proposition for you if they are to be replaced now and then. The heavy glasses can cut back on your ears or make a dent on your nose. The glasses must also suit both casual and formal attires, because you cannot buy a number of glasses to match your every costume.

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