If you are a sea, sand, and surf person head straight


The Virginia Aquarium and Marine center is one of the best of its kind. There is also an outdoor aviary. From here you can take a quick drive to the Cape Henry lighthouse which has been a landmark to the Chesapeake Bay. Climb up the lighthouse for a 360 degree view of the city. The Ocean Breeze water park with its 19 acres of water rides, is a must see for children. No. 4 Mount Trashmore is another activity park consisting of 165 acres of area. The park is an example of environmental park. It has nature trails and sports parks within it.

The Boardwalk This sidewalk offers you game, food, night entertainment in the oceanfront stages. If you can't let go of your golfing fascinations even while on vacation try out the Hell's Point Golf Club, Cypress Point Country Club for a wonderful golfing experience.

Virginia Beach attractions Must sees and must do's

Try to be in Virginia at the beginning of fall. This way you can experience the Virginia beach Neptune festival. This festival reflects all that happens in the Virginia beach. Sand sculpting, Atlantic Regatta, Virginia wine festival. It is called the Neptune Festival as it is held close to the 34 foot cast bronze state of Neptune. Virginia also becomes crowded during the beer festival held in association with the Virginia art festival. It takes place generally the last week of April. There is something for every beer lover here- Belgian White, a dark ale or a funky micro brew, along with fun, frolic and music. The Atlantic Coast Kite Festival is held generally in between 1st and 3rd may. Varied type of kites with varied music and style is the main attraction of this festival. The kite ballets, sports kite flying, and dual and quad line kites are hugely popular. The Caribbean Music festival is another Virginia Beach attractions and is accompanied by food, and dance. It is a lovely place to go by the waterfront if you are a true music lover and want to know the beach in its true aura.

If you want to venture on a slightly different route other than the beach attractions you can give the Signature at West Neck a try. Consisting of several wetlands, and natural terrain it is one of the best golf course in America. A must see for golfers.

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