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You can check the place you will go online or even the great shoots of some well-known photographers. That will tell where should you go and give you some inspiration. On this basis, you can design your shooting schedule and itinerary. Another thing is more important, you need to check the law and culture of the land you will go. For example, the airport shooting is illegal in some countries (Greece). To the cultural, in some countries, people do not like being photographed (Bolivia), some people really like being photographed (India). You must know something to communicate with the locals. Finally of course, make sure your safe.

Below are the shooting parts.

1 Use Bright Colors

Try to use as less as possible colors for shooting, one or two will be right. A photo use red or blue as the dominant color will have a strong impact. But do not stubbornly use the primary color, pink and green can also have great composition.

The color is another language. Red is warm, the dominant color. It is the color of heat and glare, also implies danger or angry. The blue is cool. The green usually represents life and vitality.

2, Use Late Afternoon. Light

The word 'photography' comes from the Greek, meaning painting with light. This allusion perhaps to remind you: the light is the most important factor in photography. In fact, professionals generally will wait for the best light. Noon in sunny day, the light is dazzling, ugly, in any case, avoid to use this light.

The light in an hour before or after the sunrises and sunset is the best. That is why so many sunrise and sunset photos. Also note that on rainy or blizzard days, especially at sunset, can form an interesting and non-repeatable light, and this time you may be able to capture good photos.

Sometimes the light and climate perhaps not what you'd expect, especially when you travel is time limited. So, you have to learn the skills of photography in cloudy or overcast weather. This climatic condition is ideal for nature photography (especially flowers), portrait and black-and-white photography.

3, Look for a different take on local landmarks

We often see a large group of tourists shooting at famous local landmarks and usually at noon (the worst time!) If you want to make better shoots, you need to change.

How many possible ways of shooting the Eiffel Tower? It seems not much. You can go to Flickr and search for the Eiffel Tower, and then you will know how many ways there are.

4, Look for Detail

The photography first needs observation - capture the spirit of the place that you're in. It can be anything you can see. For example, it may be the cobbled streets, the local crafts, the local food in the restaurant, or even just a building. These details may not be exciting - just your memories of this place.

5, offbeat (Get off the beaten track)

A crowded place is difficult for great shoots, at least for me. Looking for some unusual places , this may enhance your photos and the fun of you travel.

6, Use supplied a polarizing filter

Have you ever consternation why professionals can take so dark blue sky or crystal clear water? It is simple, they use a polarizer. This is one of the most one of the filters that can enhance your photos, and its main function is to eliminate reflective, while increasing the saturation.

Have taken a lot of photos and want to make a video with these photos for uploading to YouTube? Maybe the Windows Media Maker may be helpful for you. Have problems with the output WMV videos. A wmv to mp4 tool will help you convert wmv to mp4 mac.

Above are the things I can think about now, maybe it is not abundant, but hope it will help you.

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