If after the inevitable breakup you still feel


Your ex happily sports the ring or bracelet

If your ex refuses to part with the ring, bracelet, or pendant that was gifted by you then it means two things. Either the item is very expensive or your ex still wants a part of you with him/her. This is a clear sign that your ex has not moved on and may still consider getting back with you.

Your ex compliments you indirectly

If your ex sends you greetings or compliments the way you dress or look even after the breakup it means that your ex still has a soft corner for you. Maybe you are the only person he/she truly loved and maybe still does.

Regrets the breakup

If your ex express deep regret about the breakup to common friends or your family members it means two things. One, either your ex is mature and has taken the breakup in his/her stride or he/she still considers you a part of their life. This is a tricky sign to interpret and it is advised that you do not jump to any conclusions.

Still single

Even after a considerable period post breakup you do not hear or see your ex go out with anyone then it is a clear sign that your ex has still not got over you. Maybe your ex is waiting for you to make the first move. However, it is your call and you have to take a step after weighing all the pros and cons.

Ex never forgets your important days

Whether it is your birthday, or your parents wedding anniversary or any other day of some consequence your ex calls you up without fail and wishes you. This only proves that your ex still has fond memories of you and would not mind getting back if you make the suitable adjustments and take the initiative.

Ex hangs around with your friends

If your ex who prior to the breakup hated the guys/gals you hung up with and suddenly has warmed up to them then it means that he/she is doing it just to be close to you or to glean information about you. If the enquiries and comments your ex makes to your friends are harmless and without malice then he/she definitely wants you back in their life.

Omnipresent ex

You notice that no matter how hard you try, you are just not able to avoid your ex. Where ever you go your ex is present or a close friend of your ex is present. Well, this means that your ex is keeping a tab of all your activities just in case you decide to move on. This is a confirmatory sign that your ex wants you back.

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