I have to admit it, my cavy's are spoiled. They


These aren't exclusively for guinea pigs; they can be fed to any small animal that enjoys hay, alfalfa or any of the dried compressed cubes. One thing that I really like about these is that they are rectangles instead of blocks; this makes it easier for two or three pigs or other animals to enjoy them at once. The sows generally don't fight over them but the males can be a little possessive of them and try to drag them to a corner or into a pigloo (plastic pet igloo). That is pretty funny to see because if they don't get it turned the right way the Carrot Nibbler is too wide to fit inside the doorway.

So what makes this any different from regular compressed alfalfa hay cubes? First, it isn't a cube it's a rectangle and second there are dried carrot slivers added to the mix. The ingredient list is short and sweet, sun cured alfalfa and dehydrated carrots. To me that is awesome because the fewer preservatives my pets get, the better. There isn't a smell or scent to them and they do stay intact until it gets down to about the last quarter inch. Since this is a compressed item you will want to make sure that it isn't near any water or fresh fruits or vegetables because any type of moisture will make them soggy and that will lead to them molding.

The only time I have ever had any problems with the Carrot Nibblers is when I got an old package; they were really dry and brittle and started falling apart as soon as the guinea pigs started eating them. I contacted Kaytee and they sent me a coupon for a new package and a mailer to send back the pack that I purchased. Outside of looking at them and giving them a squeeze while they are in the bag there's no way to tell if they are new or old stock so shop at a store that has a good reputation for rotating stock or that sells a high volume of product. The bags are five ounces and sell for about $2.29 which isn't bad if you only have a few pets. If you have a whole heard of them like we do it can get a little expensive to buy these all the time. The bags are resealable but I prefer to keep all of the cubed hay products in a glass airtight container.

So who liked them the most? The guinea pigs really dig them so they are a nice treat from the regular hay and cubes that I get them. The mice showed no interest in them and the rats sniffed them but didn't taste them, after a day I ended up tossing it out because they kept moving it around and I had 'Chicken Run' thoughts running through my head ('those rats are up to something!). The ferrets, as usual, treated it like it was a new toy and took great joy in dragging it up a ramp in their ferret house then pushing it over the side. Any of the gerbils or hamsters that have been given them haven't really shown much of an interest in them so the pigs seem to have the best track record with them.

I really wish that Kaytee would make things like this in a bigger sized package for people that have more than one or two pets. I don't mind spending the money on them because the piggies really do love them but I do have to ration them out because there are only about ten to twelve of them in a bag they are sold by weight not piece count]. If you have a guinea pig that loves cubed or compressed hay blocks and eats any form of carrot nibbler then chances are they will love these. Look for them in the small animal snack section of your local pet store in the Kaytee product section.

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