I have made Swarovski Crystal Wedding Bouquets


There are many ways to accomplish something unique and stylish without getting too far away from tradition, or if completely 'off the beaten path' is your preference, crystal bouquets are by far, the way to go.

Swarovski Crystal Bouquets are made from crystals that are mounted on stainless steel stems which brings the advantage of any shape or size to your bouquet that you can imagine. The benefits of Swarovski Crystals is that they are incredibly bright and can light up rooms with rainbows in the sunlight or twinkle brilliantly in candlelight, in any light they are breathtaking. Swarovski Crystals come in about 300 different colors so you can coordinate your bouquet with your dicor or just your dress.

Let's start with shapes and sizes... The most elaborate bouquet that I have ever built went from just under the Bride's princess bodice and stopped just above her knees. It had 600 crystals in it and 60 white, silk roses. It was spectacular. She chose to have it cascade at the bottom just as you may have a traditional wedding bouquet of roses and ivy. You can also have them fashioned in the shape of a round bouquet as you would a hand-tied bunch of daisies or peonies. You may also wish to have them made so that it lays across your arm like a collection of wild flowers. The choice is yours and the sky is the limit.

Next, let's talk about creating your perfect bouquet by using variations in color... I have made bouquets for brides with a very wide array of hues. I really enjoy when I get a chance to brainstorm with my clients. We touch on her dress to make sure that the style and the accents will work well with our creation. We talk about the dicor for the big day, bridesmaids dresses, jewelry, even favorite colors to come up with the something that will appeal to her every desire.

Some of my favorite creations have been a bouquet that had clear crystals that cascaded around ruby red crystals that I made into the shape of a heart in the middle of the bouquet. This was for a wedding on Valentine's Day, she wore a white dress that had a wide, red sash around her waste and her entire dicor was hearts and arrows. Another Bride wanted me to make all of her bouquets for the party. Each of them had 5 different shades of blue, from baby blue to navy. This looked spectacular next to their Tiffany Blue dresses. And last but not least, I made a bouquet with 300 crystals in it, all of the crystals were the same color, but she chose to get larger sizes that were several different shapes to create interest. There were, round, bicone and cubed crystals, each of them caught the light differently and really made quite a statement on her wedding day.

I do hope that this helps you to open your mind to all of the different possibilities that are at hand with Swarovski Crystal Bouquets. Whether it is the uniqueness of carrying crystals, the shape, the colors or even the ribbons, I'm sure that it will add something to your wedding day that your family and friends will remember for years to come.

Penny Olson is the owner and designer for Brilliant Wedding Jewelry

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