Huang Guoya: Pathfinder in the development of infrared optical glass


   Huang Guoya, male, born in 1984, started working in 2010, master’s degree, member of the Communist Party of China, senior engineer, currently a precision molding technician of the infrared division of Hubei Xinhuaguang Information Materials Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in optical glass formulation research and development, optics The glass precision molding design and research and development has been authorized by 4 national patents. The national standard 'Infrared Optical Glass' that participated in the compilation will be promulgated and implemented in 2019, and won the title of Xiangyang City Youth Post Expert.   'Are you a'post-80s'?' On November 28, the reporter walked into the gate of Hubei Xinhuaguang Information Materials Co., Ltd. (Xinhuaguang Company for short), and met the grey-haired Huang Guoya who came by, and was a little surprised.   He smiled shyly: 'I'm sorry, it is indeed the'post-80s'. I soak in the laboratory every day, and my hair is a little anxious.'    Today, we will learn about this shy young man's story together.  Come to work and do Ru0026D down-to-earth   Huang Guoya is from Dangyang, Hubei. He graduated from Changchun University of Science and Technology in 2010 with a major in materials science and came to the company through campus recruitment of Xinhuaguang Company to engage in glass formulation research and development. 'I am studying materials science. Xin Huaguang Company just needed personnel in the research and development of glass formulations. The professional counterparts, not far from home, so I decided to go.' Huang Guoya said that after graduation, he returned to Hubei from the northeast and came to Xinhuaguang Company.   From the day he stepped into the company, Huang Guoya always reminded herself to be sincere, have a correct attitude, work positively, and do everything she can to do everything well. At the same time, don't forget to continue to learn theoretical knowledge and improve your professionalism.   The research and development of glass formula is very boring, and I need to try one material by material, but Huang Guoya likes this job very much and thinks it is very suitable for me.   Chen Chao, head of the infrared division of Xinhuaguang Company, is not only a colleague of Huang Guoya, but also a university classmate of Huang Guoya. He said that Huang Guoya was a typical engineering nerd when he was in school. He loved to study and didn't talk a lot. He was a slow person. 'Scientific research requires constant repetition and experimentation. Huang Guoya's personality is more suitable for scientific research and is willing to sit on the bench. '   After 3 years of research and study, Huang Guoya has completed the research and development of multiple brands of optical glass formulations.  Diligently study and break through technical difficulties  In 2011, the price of rare earth materials rose sharply. Xinhuaguang's glass, which is in high demand in the market, did not have a competitive advantage due to the high cost of rare earth materials. 'At that time, the company arranged Huang Guoya to undertake the research and development task of reducing the cost of this brand of glass.' said He Rong, director of the infrared division of Xinhuaguang.  How to reduce the cost while keeping the glass performance unchanged? There is only constant exploration and experimentation. 'The two raw materials of that brand of glass are very expensive. If you want to reduce costs, you have to replace these two materials, find new substitutes, and ensure that the quality of the glass is unchanged.' Huang Guoya said.   In order to complete the task, Huang Guoya drilled into the laboratory and continued to analyze and test. During that time, when he went to bed at night, he was thinking about doing experiments. For the sake of a data, he often couldn't sleep at night.   After more than two years, Huang Guoya, after a lot of research and experimentation, finally broke through many difficulties and developed an alternative formula. 'Under the premise of ensuring the performance of the original glass, the cost of raw materials was saved by about 45%, and the quality was improved from Grade C to Grade B, achieving mass production that year. This product is more popular in the market than the previous glass, and is mainly used for mobile phones and monitoring. And other kinds of lenses.' He Rong said that the market demand for this kind of glass is still very large. The project has also won the company's first prize for scientific and technological progress, and has applied for an invention patent, which has been authorized.  Expatriate learning to achieve transformation and development  With the vigorous development of the automobile industry, the problem of safe driving has become increasingly prominent. As an important part of safe driving of automobiles, in-vehicle optical systems have received close attention from global optoelectronic companies. In 2013, Huang Guoya was dispatched by the company to an enterprise in Hunan to learn optical glass precision molding technology. 'I used to do material research and development. This time I was sent to do technology research and development. For me, it was a big transformation.' Huang Guoya said.  Optical glass precision molding technology covers multi-disciplinary knowledge such as materials science, heat, mechanics, and mechanics. As a layman, Huang Guoya bluntly said that a lot of knowledge must be learned and understood.   When studying in the company, Huang Guoya insisted on watching, exploring, and experimenting more, not twice, not twice, not three times. In this way, after thousands of trial and error, he obtained a lot of experimental data. Huang Guoya's team gradually mastered the design rules of optical glass molding process.   At present, the infrared chalcogenide glass aspheric molding technology developed by Huang Guoya's team has passed the project verification of a gunsight system of the group company. At the same time, a certain type of molded infrared chalcogenide glass lens has passed the verification of a well-known optical company in China and began to supply in small quantities.   Based on the company's precise molding of infrared chalcogenide glass, Huang Guoya has undertaken 3 projects in the Ordnance Group and its sub-groups, and received tens of millions of yuan in total project funding. At the same time, a certain sulfur-based precision molding research project won the second prize of the Ordnance Group.

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