How to make blue glass filter and laser lens maintenance


The blue light zone of the blue glass filter lies in the wavelength range of 440-500nm. Pure blue light corresponds to a wavelength of 470nm, shorter wavelength light has a purple-blue hue, and when the wavelength is longer, their color changes to light green to blue. The most commonly used colorants for blue glass are compounds of cobalt and copper, which are among the oldest colorants in glass melting, and they can accurately reproduce precious natural gems. For example: lavender or pure blue sapphire, light green-blue aquamarine) appearance, its hue is exactly like the color of sea water.

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   products are mainly used in industrial lasers, automation equipment, semiconductor production, micro-measurement systems, architectural surveying and mapping, biometrics, intelligent identification laser protective mirrors, security monitoring, stage lighting, high-energy lasers Equipment, infrared imaging, visual light source, biochemical analyzer, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, micro-projection and imaging system, infrared thermal imaging, photoelectric sensor packaging, fingerprint attendance machine of biometric system, face recognition attendance machine, palm Pattern scanners, vein recognition devices, financial anti-counterfeiting ink recognition systems, smart lamps, cabinet induction equipment, laser presentation systems, micro-projection optics, somatosensory games, laser measurement, barcode scanning, instrumentation, lasers, and fluorescence microscopes.

   After several years of development, the company has built a thousand-level dust-free purification workshop and a complete set of optical product follow-up processing production lines, and has gathered a group of experienced optoelectronic engineering and technical personnel He laser collimator operation staff, has a group of business elites, and has a number of domestic and foreign advanced vacuum coating equipment and high-level spectrophotometer and other testing instruments, has become a fully cooperative management team, experienced Optoelectronic engineering Ru0026D personnel and a good after-sales service system are an optical filter manufacturer.

  Laser marking machine is divided into five parts, namely laser, laser lens, Galvanometer, marking card and computer, housing machined parts, the most important of which is the laser, and the most widely related is the laser lens. You know, the laser output mirror is a laser lens, and the galvanometer also contains a part of the lens, that is our commonly used galvanometer, each galvanometer motor drives a galvanometer, the optical lenses are X and Y. The lens is well sealed for the laser marking machine installed and debugged. The laser output mirror to the beam expander light inlet is completely sealed, and the beam expander to the galvanometer cavity is also completely sealed In this way, the input ends of the vibrating lens and the field lens are also completely sealed, and the marking head is a completely sealed part of dust.

   The only thing exposed is the output part of the field lens. For the sake of safety and environmental protection, we all demand this from our customers. In the following, let me talk about the maintenance of laser lenses.

  Laser lens wiping steps:

  1. Wash hands clean, blow dry or wait to dry

  2. Put on finger cots

  3. Gently remove the lens for inspection

   4. First use an empty optical lens balloon or nitrogen to blow off the dust on the surface of the lens

   5. Use a cotton ball moistened with lens fluid to stick away the residue

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  6. Use lens cleaning paper to drop an appropriate amount of lens cleaning liquid and wipe gently. Do not wipe in a rotating manner.

   7. Replace the lens cleaning paper and repeat Step 6. Do not reuse the same lens wiper paper

   8. Use an air ball to blow the mirror surface clean

  There are five taboos in the maintenance process of laser marking equipment and laser lens of laser laser machine:

  1. Touch the mirror surface with your hand

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  2. Breath on the mirror surface or blow with air from an air compressor

  3. The mirror surface directly touches the surface of the hard object

  4. Wipe with non-wiping lens paper (stick) or wipe the lens forcefully

  5. Press firmly when disassembling the lens.

   Shenzhen Wangxinsheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional factory that develops and produces high-power laser (laser) lenses, dichroic lenses, laser mirrors, and beam splitters. It is especially good at high-power laser fiber cutting machines, The protective lens, focusing lens and collimating lens of the laser welding machine, the power range is 500W-8000W. The factory is located next to the Guanlan Golf Club, Baoan District, Shenzhen, with an experienced Ru0026D and production team. The equipment includes Taiwan Maijun polishing machine, Korean Era Seiko edging machine, Japanese new Coron coating machine, glass cutting machine, ultrasonic, American LAMBDA950 spectrophotometer (measuring range 175nm-3500nm), interferometer, eccentric meter, etc. With complete production technology and professional testing capabilities, rigorous technical processes and strict quality management system guarantee the excellence of the quality of optical lenses.

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