How to maintain the coated lenses for safe wearing of lenses


After the optical lens is coated on the surface, the clarity and the function of blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, which are important for protecting the eyes, are greatly improved. Especially for distance glasses, because they are often worn and often outdoors, the benefits of coated lenses to the eyes are incomparable to ordinary lenses, but if you do not pay attention to use and maintenance, the film on the lens surface will be corroded and scratched. Deepening, the gradual decrease of various functions and clarity will affect the wearing effect. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of optical lenses.

  Coated optical lenses should not only avoid scratches and high temperature, but also avoid acid fume and other erosion, such as in daily life, it is best not to wear glasses to cook; at the same time Wear glasses and enter the hot water bathing environment;

   When temporarily placing the lens, the convex surface of the lens optical lens should be upwards, and the glasses should be placed in the lens case when you carry it. Do not put it casually Put it in a bag or pocket, it is very easy to scratch the film.

   coated lenses are easy to get dirty and not easy to clean. If they are often wiped with ordinary cloth, the surface of the lens may be scratched due to the roughness of the fiber. The easiest and most suitable method is to wash with cold water;

   After rinsing the glasses with tap water, hold the edge of the glasses frame or pinch the crossbeam with one hand, and clean it with the other hand Dip your thumb and index finger with medium alkaline soap or detergent, gently rub against both sides of the lens, then rinse with clean water, and then use a cotton or better texture paper towel to absorb the water (the intensity of the rubbing should be Gentle and moderate, because some people's hands are rough, or the hand mirror is dipped in the optical lens, which has coarser grains that are not washed off. If the force is too strong, the lens will be abraded).

   This way, cleaning the lens is easy to clean and safe. If it is convenient to clean or the lens is not very dirty, you should only wipe it with a special lens cloth or lens paper. Correct maintenance and use can keep the lenses in good condition for a long time, and keep your eyes under the best 'protection' at all times.

   is safe to wear lenses

  (1), please instruct the wearer to conduct regular inspections, whether the lenses are There are phenomena such as deformation, deterioration, discoloration, adhesion and stains. If you use abnormal lenses, it may cause eye disorders, so special attention should be paid. If an abnormality is found, please instruct to stop using it immediately, and consult an ophthalmologist for guidance.

   Focusing lens (2), please instruct the wearer not to confuse the left and right lenses. If they are confused, please consult an ophthalmologist.

   If the specifications of the left and right lenses are different, please explain to the wearer before wearing.

  Whether it is the base arc or the diopter, which one is wrong will affect the eyes, especially the base arc. If there is an error, it will cause a change in the fit state. So please be very careful.

   instructs the wearer to use each lens separately.

  (3), please instruct the wearer not to rub his eyes when wearing the lens.

  If you wear the lens and rub your eyes, it will damage your eyes or cause the lens to be out of position.

  (4), please instruct the wearer to take off the lens when swimming.

  The lens may fall off from the aspheric lens, so avoid using it when swimming.

  (5), please instruct the wearer to pay special attention when doing intense exercise.

   Collide with the body, or when something hits the face, etc., may cause the lens to fall off.

  (6), please instruct the wearer to take off the lens immediately if there is a grind in the eyes.

  Please wash the removed lens with clean water before wearing it. If there is still pain in the eyes after removing the lens, please consult an ophthalmologist.

  (7), please instruct the wearer to remove the lens or close the eyes and wash when washing hair or face.

   Shampoo or soap entering the eyes can cause irritation or deterioration of the lens. At the same time, it may also cause the lens to fall off.

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