How to clean the resin lens and purchase the polarized clip


1. Rinse the glasses with clean water first: turn on the faucet, let the water have a certain pressure, and rinse the glasses of the resin spectacle lens under the faucet, first flush one side of the lens, and then flush the other side of the lens, the purpose is to clean the surface of the lens. Wash away the dust and sand to avoid scratching the surface of the lens.

  2. Wash the lenses with soap or detergent: apply detergent or soap foam on both sides of the glasses that have been rinsed with water, and pinch the lens with your thumb and index finger. On the side, wipe the lens clockwise or counterclockwise until the detergent or soap is evenly applied to both sides of the lens. The method of wiping the two lenses is the same.

  3. Rinse the foam on the surface of the lens with clean water: After wiping the surface of the lens, it is full of foam, then turn on the faucet and rinse the lens with water while washing the lens with your thumb and forefinger , Until the surface of the lens is no longer smooth and the lens is dry and the optical lens is clear and transparent, the faucet can be turned off.

  4. Dry the water drops on the lens: After washing the lens with clean water, fold the temples, pinch the temples with your thumb and index finger, and press the middle finger against the middle of the frame For the part, shake off the water droplets on the glasses, you will find that there are still a lot of fine water droplets on the lenses after falling. At this time, the cleaning has not been completed.

  5. Use a clean glasses cloth to absorb the small water droplets on the lens: the small water droplets on the lens cannot remain on the lens, otherwise, the water droplets will be on the Water marks remain on the surface of the lens, which affects the use. At this time, take out the prepared clean glasses cloth and gently absorb the small water droplets on the glasses. At this point, the cleaning and maintenance of the lens is completed.

  6. Clean the frame and temples of the glasses: Use a glasses cloth to gently wipe the frames and temples. Usually, the basic optical lenses of the frames and temples are cleaned after rinsing with water. Be careful not to rub the spectacle lens when wiping, to ensure that the spectacle lens is not contaminated again. At this point, the cleaning and maintenance of resin lens glasses is completed.

   Since most of the people who buy sunglasses clips are myopic users, it is recommended that you choose yellow sunglasses as much as possible when buying. This kind of sunglasses has less distortion to things, otherwise they The distortion of the two pairs of glasses, the user is likely to judge the distance and shape of the object.

  1, anti-ultraviolet function

   When we buy external sunglasses clips, we must first confirm whether the purchased product has anti-UV function The function of ultraviolet rays, if there is no anti-ultraviolet function, but only has a filter function, it will not be able to block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes.

  Before purchasing, most merchants will have a currency detector or a professional instrument for testing whether it is UV-resistant. It is simple and quick to test with an instrument. Use a currency detector to identify, you can place a 100 yuan banknote in the currency detector, and then use the lens to block the ultraviolet rays to see if there are anti-counterfeit marks. The anti-counterfeit marks are not UV-proof, and the ones that do not appear are anti-counterfeit marks. UV products.

  2, whether the external clip has a polarization effect

   The polarization effect helps us to better distinguish the strong light , Objects under reflected light, whether driving, skiing, or fishing can improve our visual effects. The general external sunglasses clip will have this function, but in order to buy a reliable product, we can use the merchant’s polarized light test card to test, usually the water surface and the fish pattern, and the fish can be seen with glasses with polarized light. The effect of the lens. If there is no polarized light test card, the two polarized lenses can also be overlapped. The aspheric lens that can not see the object outside the lens is a polarizer, and the object that can also be seen is a non-polarized product.

  3. The overall structure of the external clip

   Many of the fastening devices on the polarizing clip are made of iron, which is easy to scratch Damage to the lens. When we select products, we must pay attention to the smoothness of the details of the product to avoid scratching our glasses. Special attention should be paid to the stress points in contact with the lens. Pay attention to whether the contact point between the product and the lens is fit and whether there is rubber/silicone separation. Do not choose an external clip that is entirely made of metal, which will easily cause scratches on the lens and affect your eyesight.

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