How to clean the laser lens-


The optical lenses in the laser system are consumables. In order to prolong the service life and reduce the use cost as much as possible, the lenses must be cleaned in strict accordance with this specification. During the replacement process, the placement, inspection, and installation of optical lenses must be done so that the lenses are not damaged and contaminated. After a new lens is installed, it should be cleaned regularly.

When cleaning the lens, you must be very careful. Before cleaning the lens, please see the following precautions:

1. Finger cots or rubber gloves must be worn when picking up the lens, because dirt and oil drops on your hands will stain the lens and cause performance degradation.

2. Do not use any tools to pick up the lens, such as tweezers.

3. The lens should be placed on the lens paper to avoid damage.

4. Do not place the lens on a rough or hard surface, the infrared lens is easily scratched.

5. Do not clean or touch the surface of pure gold or pure copper.

Laser lens wiping steps:

1. Wash hands, blow dry or wait to dry

2, put on finger cots

3, gently take out the lens for inspection

4, first blow off the dust on the surface of the lens with an air ball or nitrogen


5. Use a cotton ball moistened with lens cleaning fluid to stick away the residue

6. Use lens cleaning paper to drop an appropriate amount of lens cleaning fluid and wipe gently. Do not wipe in a rotating manner

7. Replace the lens cleaning paper and repeat step 6. Do not reuse the same lens cleaning paper

8. Use an air ball to blow the lens clean again

Contraindications for laser lens maintenance:

1. Do not touch the mirror surface with your hands

2. Do not breathe on the mirror surface or spray with air from an air compressor

3. Do not directly touch the surface of the hard object with the mirror surface

4. Do not wipe with non-lens cleaning paper (stick) or wipe the lens forcefully

5. Do not press hard when disassembling the lens

Cleaning steps

First Step Gently clean the light pollutants (dust, floc) with an air ball to blow off the floats on the lens surface. If the pollutants cannot be blown off, continue to the second step. Note: Do not use the compressed air of the factory because it contains A large amount of water and oil, oil and water will form a harmful absorption film on the surface of the film. (The lens with lens holder only needs the first step);

The second step gently clean light pollutants (dust, fingerprints) with acetone, propanol Wet a cotton swab or cotton ball, and gently scrub the surface, taking care to avoid scrubbing vigorously. Swipe across the surface as quickly as possible to help the liquid evaporate without leaving streaks. If this step cannot remove the dirt, continue to the third step.

Note: 1) Use a cotton swab with a paper handle and a high-quality surgical cotton ball.

2) Reagent grade acetone or propanol is recommended.

Step three moderately clean medium pollutants (saliva, oil droplets), moisten a cotton swab or cotton ball with white vinegar, scrub the surface with very little force, and dry Use the cotton swab to wipe off the excess white vinegar. Then immediately moisten a cotton swab or cotton ball with acetone, and gently wipe the surface to remove residual acetic acid.

Note: 1) Only use cotton swabs with paper handles

2) Use high-quality surgical cotton balls


3) It is recommended to use acetic acid with a concentration of 6%

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