How to choose suitable optical lenses for production

by:Crylight     2021-05-02

The    qualified optical glass block is heated and forged to form an optical lens blank. Then, after each process of production, processing and testing, a qualified optical lens is finally formed. Optical Lenses Medium and high-precision optical lenses are suitable for laser stage lights, cameras, fisheye lenses, projectors, telescopes, fingerprint detectors, microscopes, digital cameras, etc. Ordinary optical lenses are suitable for magnifying glasses, stage lighting, educational toys, craft gifts, sight glasses (door mirrors), etc. Optical lenses include convex lenses for condensing and parallel light, concave lenses for light diffusion and wide-angle, cylindrical lenses that emit line spectra using only one side of transmission, spherical lenses for optical fibers or ultra-small cells, hemispherical lenses, Various products such as achromatic lenses made by bonding two lenses with functions such as chromatic aberration and spherical aberration can meet the application needs of a wide range of fields from sensor systems to light sources, light receiving, and imaging. For many industries, optical lenses are one of the indispensable and important products. Without optical lenses, many jobs will be seriously delayed. It is precisely for this reason that today's optical lens market can be better. Development, but for related manufacturers, they will also face even more cruel challenges. But I have to say that at the same time as the challenge comes, it may not be an opportunity. For many optical lens manufacturers, the opportunity to gain more market space is close at hand.

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