How to choose lenses and how to remove scratches on resin lenses

by:Crylight     2021-05-25

Generally speaking, your choice of lenses is mainly based on your optometry prescription, lifestyle habits and purchasing budget. There are many lenses with different designs, different materials, different hardening and coating treatments to choose from. Here is a brief introduction to the following steps:

  Step 1: The choice of lens design

  Read the lens: Yes To correct presbyopia and be able to see close objects clearly, but the slightly distant objects will become blurred. If you have myopia, you will often need two pairs of glasses to be replaced.

   Bifocal glasses: can help you see far and near objects clearly, but there is a clear line in the center of the lens, which will affect your vision.

  Progressive multifocal lens: This is an ideal optical lens for patients with presbyopia. Since the invention of the first Essilor progressive lens. Patients over the age of 40 can enjoy natural vision from near to far. Essilor progressive multifocal lenses provide patients with a wide and uninterrupted field of view and make your appearance look younger.

  Step 2: Lens material selection

   You should tell your eye care professional (or fitting staff) Your hobbies, occupation, taste, etc., as long as the above points are combined, they can determine which type of lens made of material will provide you with a comfortable feeling and clear vision.

  Glass lens: Glass lens is a very wear-resistant lens, but the glass lens is very heavy and easily broken, so it is not suitable for elementary school students and often outdoor optical lens activities People wear.

  Resin lens: It will become the most commonly used lens in the world. This kind of lens has strong impact resistance and only half the weight of glass lens.

  High refractive index lenses: recommended for patients with deeper luminosity, high refractive index lenses are lighter and thinner than standard lenses, but the weight of high refractive index glass is not Will be greatly reduced, only a little lighter.

  Step 3: The choice of lens surface treatment

   There are many ways to coat the surface of the lens. It allows you to The lens looks more attractive and at the same time can increase the transmittance of the lens.

  Abrasion coating treatment: This hardening coating treatment method can make the resin lens more durable. The inner and outer sides of the lens must be hardened and more resistant to abrasion . Focusing lens

   Anti-reflection film (also called composite film): This film layer subtracts unnecessary reflected light on the lens, thereby providing you with clear vision, and It will also make you look more beautiful, because others see your eyes directly, not the offensive reflected light.

  Diamond crystal: This is a new comprehensive treatment method, it provides a good coating combination, it has the effects of anti-wear, easy cleaning and reducing reflected light.

  How to remove resin lens scratches

  1. The resin lens is relatively light in weight and not easy to break, so It is one of the safest lenses at present. However, resin lenses are prone to scratches. At this time, you can apply a small amount of toothpaste with a fine cotton cloth and wipe the scratched place back and forth. Remember that the force should not exceed the weight of the aspheric lens, and you can only wipe back and forth in one direction, just like doing a linear motion.

  2. Scratches on the spectacle lens will affect the optical performance of the lens, such as reducing the transmittance and refractive index of the lens, and the ability to absorb harmful glare such as ultraviolet and infrared . Therefore, in order to have a good wearing comfort, ease, naturalness and clarity, it is necessary to check the breakage of the lens at all times.

  3. When the spectacle lens is scratched, the best way is to replace a pair of lenses, because even the repaired lenses may still reduce the optics of the lenses Performance affects the corrective ability of the lens to the eye. Therefore, in order to better care for the eyes, it is best to change and wear the scratched spectacle lenses as soon as possible.

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