How often does the lens change and how to use the sunglasses clip


Ordinary myopia patients should generally change their glasses every two years, one is to adjust the degree, and the other is to 'renew'. Any scratches on the mirror surface of the glasses will obviously affect its optical correction performance. Therefore, the glasses should be regularly maintained and inspected and updated in time to keep them in good working condition.

   After many people wear glasses, they often wear them until they break or become unusable. According to a recent large-scale survey, 29.2% of consumers who use resin lenses only replace a pair of glasses every 3 years or more, and 36.4% only replace glasses when their glasses are worn out. . In fact, if the lens is 'overtime service

  Teenagers whose degrees change very quickly are best to change their glasses every six months to a year. Adolescents are at the peak of eye use. Due to long-term use of optical lenses at close distances, ciliary muscle adjustment spasm will occur, and myopia is particularly prone to deepen. Adolescents who overuse their eyes need to refraction once every six months (mydriatic refraction). If the glasses are no longer suitable for changes in the refractive power of myopic eyes, they should change glasses in time. Of course, if it is pseudomyopia, after the pupil dilation, the eyes can be rested and treated with drugs, and the vision can be restored without the need for glasses.

   It is important to point out here: teenagers must dilate their pupils and refraction when changing glasses. Optometry glasses should not be sloppy, and glasses must be matched with prescriptions issued by regular hospitals. In addition to subjective refraction, pupil dilation refraction should be used for optometry. The adjustment function of the adolescent’s eye muscles is too strong. Only by dilation refraction can we understand their true refractive state and refractive power. The refractive power of the matched lens should be consistent with the refractive power on the prescription. If the deviation exceeds the national standard, the development of myopia or hyperopia will be accelerated.

   The reading glasses of the elderly are also scheduled to be replaced. Presbyopia is caused by the aging of the lens. As people age, the degree of lens aging will increase. Only the corresponding increase in the lens power required for correction can meet the needs of the daily life of the elderly. There is no uniform rule for the specific replacement time. When the elderly feel struggling to read the newspaper wearing glasses, and the eyes are sore and uncomfortable, they should be replaced.

   There are many lens materials on the market. The resin lens is light and easy to carry, but it is easy to scratch, so pay special attention to the maintenance of the lens. Glass lenses are cheap but fragile. Once broken, they may cause extremely serious damage to the eyeballs, so they are not suitable for teenagers who exercise more.

   First, whether the sunglasses clip has a polarizing effect.

  The effect of polarized light can help us distinguish between reflected light and objects under strong light. It is suitable for people who are fishing, skiing or driving. Under normal circumstances, the sunglasses clip will have the function of focusing lens, but the regular brand will have a polarized light test card, and it will be presented in front of consumers in the pattern of fish and water surface, so you can try on the sunglasses clip if If you can see the fish, that means it has a good polarization effect.

  Second, whether there is ultraviolet light function.

   When consumers buy sunglasses clips, they must confirm whether the product has the function of UV protection; if there is only the filter function, it does not have the function of UV protection. 100% blocking of ultraviolet radiation, damage to the eyes cannot be avoided.

   Third, check the structure of the sunglasses clip.

   If it is not a regular brand, iron devices are generally used, which will make the lens easily scratched and even cause damage to the eyes. On the contrary, if we choose a big brand, its quality will be guaranteed. When the lens is in contact with it, it will avoid the phenomenon of silicone separation.

  How to use the solar aspheric lens lens clip

   Sunglass clip is a polarized sunglasses specially designed for myopic people, effective Anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet. It is especially suitable for outdoor sports such as driving, outdoor and fishing. Using polarized lens technology, the visual resolution is greatly improved. Eliminate 99% of reflected light and scattered light, making your vision clearer and smoother. The lens is specially strengthened with a film, which is effective in resistance to abrasion, scratch and impact.

  Sunglass clip should be made of seven layers of different special materials, and each layer of lens has its own function. The polarization angle and radian of the lens are designed according to the principle of precision optics. The wearer will never have the distorted and dizzy feeling like imitations! Each lens is strengthened by the original factory, resistant to scratches, deformation and breakage. Can be used safely for a long time without changing the performance! The production and quality of the sunglasses clip glasses frame are professionally designed and supervised, and they are comfortable and durable to wear.

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