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Have you noticed the slow development of yellow stains in your teeth? These are obvious if you are a chain smoker or drink frequently. But don't be ashamed or feel humiliated, it can happen to anyone. This can be cured at once with little care of yours. Teeth bleaching are also quite pocket friendly and very easy to use.

Teeth bleaching can be done with the help of various teeth bleaching solution - whitening gels, pens, trays, foam etc. All use moderate percentage of peroxide (hydrogen or carbamide) and its crystals clear off the stains.

However these days the use of LASER therapy and LED therapy are also in use. The application of the rays activates the crystal particles and hence the time duration for healing procedure is quite less. However there is no special effect of the LASER therapy, it just activates the speed of the treatment and hence reducing the time taken. On the other hand bleaching with the help of LASER is not at all recommended at home. This is so because focus of the laser light can damage eyes to a great extent. LED treatment is the latest addition of the procedure. Though the basic method is same, however the intensity of the light is relatively low, hence is not as much harmful to eyes and other parts of the body as the LASER.

Finally you can also think of using Crest Whitening Strips. These are economical, easy to use and the additional benefit is that the time involvement is not much. In fact you will not even know when your work will get done and you will get the successful results.

Find out how?

STRIPS - Crest Whitening Strips contains two strips - one for the upper part and the other for the lower part. This is one set, in 1 single packet there are around 14 strips. This is so because your teeth will get bleached within just 15 days.

HOW TO USE - brush your teeth well before you apply the solution. This is so because a proper removal of the food leftover is a need. Leave it for around 30 minutes to dry. Then start using the strips one after the other. Start with the upper pair. Remove the cover and apply the gooey side over the teeth, turn round the remaining portion inside your teeth. This will fix the strip, so that it may not come out. Leave it for around 30 minutes and then follow the same process for the lower pair too. After you are done, you can wash your mouth.

If you are having shortage of time, you can follow the process during bedtime too. This will save your time and also will provide much whiter teeth.

However do not smoke while having the strip on your mouth, even avoid intake of any food or even water. You can easily do it all by yourself and the result will be satisfactory injust within a fortnight.

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