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Personal hygiene

Before you put the contacts into your eyes, you must be sure that your hands are clean enough. You had better wash your hands three times with hot water and soap because any remains of the soap on your skin will irritate eyes.

Contacts case and solution

A clean contacts case, with the cleaning solution in it, is required for keeping the Halloween contact lenses. It is advised to choose the case designed especially for your type of lenses. Remember that every time you wear the contacts, they should be cleaned before they are put in the cases. Besides, even you do not wear them for a long time, it is also necessary to clean them frequently.

Avoid eye drops

Always remember that the only cleaning liquid is the one that your doctor gives to you. Never clean the lenses under the tap water or the saliva from your mouth. Never try to drop eye drops or other similar substances on the Halloween contact lenses. These are all very dangerous actions, not only ruining your lenses but also the arising of complications of your eyes, such as the redness or swelling, and more seriously your eyes may fell pain. In that condition, you must take the contacts out of your eyes and go to see the doctor quickly. Unless your eyes are completely recovered, you should not try to wear them again, or the infection will be quite harmful to your eyes.

No sharing of contacts

Contacts should be one's special item, and you cannot share your contacts with others even in an emergency event. Contacts deliver germs and other contaminants from one to another very quickly as its contacted to the eyes directly.

No contacts while sleeping

Sleeping with Halloween contacts on is very dangerous. Irritation is a quite common syndrome and the worse thing is your eyes may be seriously damaged.

Nothing is safe to use in the world, so you should be careful enough. When you remember the above attentions or you can do better than the above tips, you can enjoy the fun of wearing Halloween contact lenses.

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