Guy are usually hard to read, and it's not easy

by:Crylight     2020-09-29

The clear indications that your man loves you:


If you find that your boyfriend has a serious interest in you, by asking about you constantly, knowing what your activities are. He will be curious about the things going on in your life and will want to know everything that you are involved with. You obviously captivate him, and he can't help but think of you constantly.

Presents You To Close Friends And Family-

Family and good friends are something very dear to a person in their life. If you meet his closest support and people most important to him, then you are obviously extremely special to him, and he has great love for you. One someone feels comfortable enough to reveal the people closest to his heart, he is surely confident that you hold a very special place in his heart too.

Makes Time For You-

If he is able to drop all of his other plans to spend time with you, or puts you ahead of other priorities, then you know he would walk on his hands and knees for you. Usually if someone isn't that serious about love or commitment, they will make excuses to do other things. But if he dropping other things for you, take this as a crystal clear sign!

Future In Mind-

If you notice he says 'us', 'our', or 'we' when describing time with you, as supposed to 'my', or 'me' than he thinks of you as a future partner and someone he could spend his years with. It's a subconscious indication that he probably isn't aware of, but it represents comfort with you

Pay Close Attention-

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