Glass curtain wall industry will introduce new regulations-'Glass curtain wall optical performance'


   The 'Optical Performance of Glass Curtain Walls' national standard review meeting, edited by the Academy of Building Sciences, Ministry of Construction, was held in Beijing a few days ago. Experts and professors from 15 units including scientific research, design, universities, production, and management participated in the meeting. , A total of 23 representatives of engineering and technical personnel. The review committee listened to the report of the editor-in-chief on the standard preparation work, and reviewed the standard text and related materials submitted for review. The review meeting unanimously approved the following review opinions after serious discussion:    1. In the current situation that my country does not have appropriate standards and management regulations for harmful light reflection on glass curtain walls, the formulation of this standard is important for the rational use of glass curtain walls and effective control of harmful light reflection. Significance, provides the necessary basis for environmental protection, planning, and construction departments to approve glass curtain wall engineering projects. 2. The standards are formulated after on-site questionnaire surveys, seminars, field surveys, multi-party data collection, multiple solicitation of opinions, and analysis and research based on the actual situation of our country. The determination of technical content is reasonable and actual operation It is also feasible.   Third, the standard is composed of a comprehensive and complete structure, clearly divided into levels, clear text descriptions, and the compilation format meets the requirements of the unified regulations.   Fourth, from the content and technical level, it has filled the domestic gap and reached the domestic leading level. It will actively promote the correct use of glass curtain walls.  Finally, the meeting agreed that the preparation team formed a draft for approval and submitted it to the competent authority for approval based on the standard preparation requirements.   Regarding the news that the 'Optical Performance of Glass Curtain Walls' will be released, China Shade Net immediately contacted some shading engineering companies in the industry. Some people said that the official introduction of the standard may involve the application of sun shading products on external curtain walls. At the same time, industry insiders also pointed out that in the traditional sense, the price of glass and sunshade products is almost the same. From a certain point of view, the advantages of sunshade products are not obvious. However, from the perspective of the future trend of the curtain wall industry, the difference between sunshade and curtain wall Combined use has become a trend. In addition, if it is integrated with the building, the sunshade products also have a certain decorativeness. From the perspective of building energy conservation, the effect of external shading is also the most significant.

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