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At present there are a large range of welding machines available in the market which have been tailor made for specific applications. While each of these types is suited for particular industries a large number of manufacturers are also making accessories for these machines so that one single device can be used to serve a set of welding applications.

For those of you who use welding machines or are interested in purchasing one there are a large number of accessories that can be used with these machines for increasing their efficacy as well as their safety. Some of the common accessories that are available in the market have been listed below:

1. Torches - Torches are devices that can be attached to welding machines within which the combustion of gas and oxygen is carried out for supplying heat to melt and fuse base materials. Some of the applications which can be carried out very efficiently using torches include gas metal, gas tungsten, shielded metal and plasma arc welding, arc gouging as well as resistance welding.

2. Nozzles - Used for the proper application of heat and pressure these nozzles are directly attached to the welding rod. The nozzles make it easier for the operator to maneuver the cutting and fusing of materials and thereby increase the quality of the finished product. Process such gas and acetylene arc welding, deflection, plastic alumina, lava welding as well as plasma and laser cutting are some of the most common applications of nozzles.

3. Clamps and holders - When you want to make clean cuts and precise joints then using clams and holders' along with your welding machines come very handy. These clamps act as a positioning device and help the operator to keep cutting and fusing with a steady pace. Clamps mainly find their use in the construction of various equipments, in piping, and resistance welding, in cutting metal sheets as well as in arc and tank welding.

4. Helmets and masks - The procedure of welding gives off a high level of light which can be very harmful if exposed directly to the human eye. It is therefore important to wear masks or protective shield made up of fiber glass which reduces the radiation without restricting the operator's field of view. As a large amount of heat is also released while operating welding machines, helmets made up of heat resistant materials are also an important accessory.

5. Coolers - Workshops and industries which employ a large amount of welding work usually install a cooling system in the work area which circulates the hot air released during the cutting, melting and joining of materials and cools it efficiently. The coolers help in maintaining a normal room temperature as well keeps the air fresh and dust free by absorbing particulate matter which may be released during the welding process.

Apart from the above mentioned accessories some of the other components which are used along with welding machines are cutters, grinders, regulators, hoses, sensors as well as strikers.

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