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fresnel dispersive prism wholesale for right angle

fresnel dispersive prism wholesale for right angle

Fresnel dispersive prism wholesale for right angle

Design Wavelength:
308nm n=1.48575
Diameter Tolerance:
Surface Quality:
Thickness Tolerance:
Wedge Angle:
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Various factors have been considered during the design of Crylight wollaston prism. They involve foot proportion, physical weight distribution, arch support, and stress point. The product goes directly from freezer to oven without causing any damage
The manufacturing processes of Crylight dispersive prism are regulated and supervised. These processes include pattern design, spinning, weaving, fabric materials cutting, dyeing, etc. It is definitely an excellent gift for home bakers
Crylight wollaston prism must be qualified and verified by testing. It has been tested in terms of colorfastness, breathability, abrasion resistance, flammability, and durability. The product is designed to be thicker than other products
Crylight wollaston prism is produced with high precision. Its dimensional accuracy is controlled by the computer and guaranteed by the precise CNC saw. Its molds, thickness, and colors can be customized according to customers' drawings
The choice of materials for Crylight wollaston prism is rigorous. From the sourced sheet materials, panels, and table boards, to the hardware accessories, all of those are thoughtfully chosen. The product greatly increases the efficiency and productivity in the kitchen
It has the good soundproof capability. Its heart board part is made of premium timber such as extrusion chipboard or designed with a bee structure, all which can effectively keep out the sound.
The product is reliable in keeping the shape. During the timber drying process, the moisture content is controlled within a low limit, which enables the product not to get swelling when exposed to a humid environment. Its modern and economical design adds value to the kitchen
Strong stability is one of its biggest selling points. Its stiles have been laminated to further enhance firmness and toughness. It is environmental-friendly enough to save the cost on baking paper
The product is safe to use. Before it is shipped, drying sterilization has been conducted to remove all the bacteria or harmful microorganism. It is wear-resistant and can be used for a long time
The product has the advantages of impact resistance. Made of thick timber material, it is not prone to cause dent or deform when impact or pressure is inflicted on it. It is free of odor and nonpoisonous
The use of this product means a range of tasks can be completed in an efficient manner. It greatly lightens people's burden of work and stress. It is definitely an excellent gift for home bakers
This product reduces the need for unskilled workers and allows them to do other work that requires skills, thus promoting a reasonable division of skills and responsibilities. The product is non-slip with great friction on its surface
People with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis will feel comfortable wearing this skincare product. It is free of odor and nonpoisonous
This product is a good investment for business owners. It not only can increase production efficiency but also reduce fixed costs such as time cost and labor cost. It is well-known for its thermal insulation
This ultra-high-end product will add a classic style and elegance to the room, ensuring a comfortable all-season. The product is designed to be thicker than other products
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