Foxconn and Byrne Optics increase investment in mobile phone cover glass


   Just after the New Year, the mobile phone supply chain sent two heavy news. Foxconn and Bourne Optics, both of which are Apple suppliers, announced that they would increase their investment in the cover glass for mobile phones. The first phase of Foxconn In Lankao County, Henan Province, it invested 650 million yuan to build a factory, and Bourne Optics continued to add 1 billion Hong Kong dollars to expand the second phase of the Huizhou Yonghu Project.  According to local government officials in Lankao County, the Foxconn Science and Technology Park with an investment of RMB 5.6 billion has started construction at the end of 2015. The Foxconn Lankao project was signed in December 2015 and is planned to be constructed in three phases. The first phase of the project is the mobile phone cover glass production project of Lankao Yuzhan Precision Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of about 650 million yuan (about 100 million US dollars), a land of 1355 acres, a production capacity of 15KK in the first phase, and a production capacity in the second phase. 93KK; The main production process is: laser opening + numerical control opening, numerical control edging and drilling, grinding and polishing, chemical strengthening, cleaning, etc. The supporting equipment includes engraving machine, DDG equipment, testing equipment, etc., the construction period of the entire project From December 2015 to December 2017.   Foxconn and Zhengzhou held a signing ceremony for the sixth-generation LTPS panel project in November 2015. The total investment of the project is 28 billion yuan. It is expected that the production line of the project will be lit in 2017 and mass production will be achieved in 2018. According to Foxconn, the company has signed a product purchase agreement with Apple of the United States. In the future, 70% of its products will be given priority to supply Apple products. In order to better support the project, in September 2015, Foxconn's Futaihua Precision Electronics (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. invested about 50 million yuan (about 7.82 million US dollars) in Zhengzhou to build a smart phone cover glass manufacturing process research and development project. In addition, a small-scale test line will be constructed to provide technical support for industrialized large-scale production and lay the foundation for the construction of intelligent factories. The process technology developed includes: laser opening + numerical control opening, numerical control edging and drilling, grinding and polishing, chemical strengthening, cleaning, ink printing, laser marking, AR/AS coating (physical vapor deposition coating), etc.; supporting The equipment of the company includes glass laser cutting process development, glass rapid reduction process development, CNC high-speed glass grinding development, glass automatic printing machine development, etc. The project is expected to be completed in September 2016.   Futaihua's mobile phone cover glass manufacturing process research and development project, coupled with the supporting production capacity of the Lankao project production base, in the future, about a quarter of Apple mobile phone touch display products will be eaten by Foxconn. The second phase of the Yonghu project, a new project of Bourne Optics in Yonghu, started construction on October 23, 2015. According to Bourne Optics’ investment and construction plan, the total investment of the Yonghu project reached HK$3 billion. In 2016 and 2017, 1 billion Hong Kong dollars were invested respectively, and all investments will be completed by the end of 2017. Byrne Optics stated that Yonghu’s new project will not only have a high level of automation, but will also involve touch screen products with higher technical content.   Byrne Optics is the world's largest supplier of cell phone cover glass, with factories in Shenzhen and Huizhou, and Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are their customers. It is reported that Bourne Optics plans to go public in Hong Kong this year to raise US$2 billion to ensure the smooth implementation of related projects. This is another cover glass processing company that has been listed on the mainland by Lens, another supplier of cover glass for Apple mobile phones. Another major listing and financing behavior. The crazy expansion of Apple's mobile phone supply chain is not entirely considered wise in the touch display industry. From the early expansion of the touch screen TPK and Shenghua, to Sharp, which built a new panel factory for Apple, to Apple. The expansion of the 3DTouch pressure touch industry has caused problems such as excessive capacity expansion, resulting in excessive inventory, insufficient orders, and inability to digest factory capacity and vacant costs. Although Foxconn and Byrne have a relatively stable position in Apple's supply chain, the various impacts that the development of mobile phone touch display technology has brought to the entire mobile phone supply chain cannot be ignored.

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