Founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, the son of


Swarovski's products soon went beyond brooches and other forms of jewellery and that also manufactured various household ornaments and chandeliers. It is also known for designing optical products such as telescopes and binoculars. After 100 years in the industry, in 1995 they celebrated this magnificent milestone but building an amazing theme park called Swarovski Crystal World.

Despite venturing into other markets, of all the Swarovski products, their line of jewellery is the most popular all over the world. The Swarovski crystal brooches are a mixture of both contemporary and classic pieces and these range from youthful and trendy to charming and bold avant-garde sets. All the brooches are designed so the wearer can make a bold fashion statement.

A Swarovski crystal brooch can add the perfect finishing touch to absolutely any outfit and the crystals are set in various materials such as rhodium, silver and even leather. The stunning combination of crystals in their amazing colours and the outstanding designs means you can mix and match your crystal brooches with your own everyday outfits. Swarovski crystal brooches are extremely versatile and this means you can wear them for any occasion at any time. All designs are updated each season to keep up with the ever changing fashion industry.

It can also be bought separately and this means that many designers use them to make their own line of Swarovski crystal brooches. The reason so many designers choose to use Swarovski crystals is because of their sparkle and shine and also because they are so versatile. Designers can mix them with other semi precious stones to make crystal brooches that appeal to women of all ages all over the world.

Swarovski crystals are now used for much more than pieces of jewellery, they are used nowadays to add a touch of glamour to bags, shoes and other accessories. They are guaranteed to add some sparkle and shine to you outfit and can also glitz up your home with the numerous ornaments and chandeliers that now produce. There are a huge number of Swarovski crystal brooches available to buy online and it is easy to find the perfect size and design that you are looking for. Add some glitzy glamour to your outfit and buy yourself a Swarovski crystal brooch today!

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