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Visit an Eye Care Professional

If you are considering cosmetic contact lenses, you should first consult with an eye care professional before using cosmetic contact lenses. An optician will be able to assess whether you are suited for a particular type of contact lens. It will also ensure that you do not have any vision conditions that could be negatively impacted by wearing a certain type of contact lens. You will be able to get a complete eye exam and fitting for contact lenses. As well, if needed, you will get a prescription for the contact lens so your sight is maintained when you wear the cosmetic contact lenses.

Cosmetic contact lenses are often only manufactured in one size fits all so it is important that you are checked to make sure you do not need a specific type of contact. Wrong fitting contacts can cause corneal irritation and even affect the amount of oxygen reaching the eye.

Popular Types of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

The two popular types of cosmetic contact lenses are Gas Permeable Lenses and Soft Contact Lenses. Gas Permeable Contact lenses do not contain a water component but provide high oxygen through the lens. These lenses are used for correcting high refractive errors. Soft Contact Lenses are used to correct near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. These lenses are moist, flexible, and the diameter is larger than the cornea. There are also different types of Colored Contact Lenses available. The center of a colored contact lens is clear. This permits the pupil unfiltered access to images and light. The surrounding part of the contact contains the color.

When wearing opaque color contacts, dark eyes will become lighter. You can even change the color of your eye when wearing a different color contact lens. People will change the color of their eyes for many reasons. They can include: wearing them for a special event such as a prom, complement one's wardrobe, going to a trendy night club, or just to make a fun change.

Buying Cosmetic Contact Lenses

When buying cosmetic contact lenses, it is always wise to buy them from a reputable manufacturer. The best place to get quality cosmetic contacts from a reputable manufacturer is to buy them from an online contact lens retailer. When you buy from a reputable and established online contact lens retailer, you will have access to a wide range of contact lenses at greatly discounted prices. The contacts available include the top brand name contact lens manufacturers. All that you need is a valid prescription or proper fitting if they are non prescription at the time you place your order.

If you want to give your eyes an added splash of color or lighten or darken them, cosmetic color contacts are the best choice. Using enhancement tints in contact lenses capture the natural color of the eye while adding a splash of extra color. If you want a drastic color change or color enhancement, contact lenses are the ideal choice. Today, cosmetic contact lenses such as colored contact lenses have become their own niche fashion industry.


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