For quite some time, Nike has had wonderful innovations


Quicker increase in velocity is also attributed to the tapered heel geometry and toe-side aerodynamic Nike Power bow design that helps to create the smooth airflow throughout each swing. The 360 degree aerodynamics and the sleek round head design distinguishes the Nike SQ Machspeed Black driver from the last model of the SQ Machspeed such as the round driver with a C-shape round head design. The launch and the spin of the Black 'Round' driver is a perfect combination for any golfer that is looking for more workability.

Looking beyond the great design, the driver comes with outstanding specs and ideal functionality. The resistance that may hinder you during a shot is lessened by the air moving closely and specifically on the head of the driver, thus increasing the speed and energy during its impact with the ball.

The best face angle for any swing is attainable with the STR8-FIT, which has 8 positions for adjusting the shot angle. Horrible hooks and slices are cured with this new technology. The Machspeed Black is designed ergonomically to best fit the comfort of the golfer. Functionality-wise, it is best if velocity and acceleration is your concern. Typically, as velocity increases during a swing, the drag forces and breaks through. But for this golf club, the drag is completely erased and the airflow becomes flawlessly smooth. When the drag is reduced, maximum acceleration is achieved and more energy at the moment of impact in every drive from the tee box.

You will be very pleased with this new driver from Nike because of its elegantly crafted stealth-like design and its functionality. You'll be the best player in your 4-some due to being equipped with this golf club. Just one of the PGA Tour professional who endorses and uses this product is Justin Leonard. You can view him and other professionals on camera swinging this new driver, along with my complete review at Have a great day, and I'll see you on the course!

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