Fluorophosphorus optical glass


In June 2020, Hubei Xinhuaguang Information Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinhuaguang Company) obtained the authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office for a fluorine-phosphorus optical glass formulation patent.

'The successful research and development of fluorine-phosphorus optical glass is conducive to further reducing the prices of projectors, SLR cameras and other products, and is more conducive to breaking the technological monopoly of foreign companies.' Xinhuaguang Optical Materials Xiangyang City Focus Said the laboratory director Huo Jinlong.

Xinhuaguang Company is the fourth largest optical material scientific research and production base in the world and the second largest domestic optical material research and production base. It is mainly engaged in the Ru0026D and production of colorless optical glass, infrared optical glass and optical components. More than 80% of new products and new The technology can smoothly realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In recent years, more than 300 patents have been declared and more than 210 authorized. The company's products are widely used in projectors, security monitoring, camera lenses and other fields.

It is reported that fluorophosphate glass is an optical material that combines the dual optical performance advantages of fluoride glass and phosphate glass. The most prominent feature is the adjustment of optical properties brought about by its wide range of component tunability. Sex. It has ultra-low refractive index, ultra-low dispersion and high special relative partial dispersion value, and has superior achromatic performance. It is an indispensable optical material for long focal length apochromatic lenses, so it has become an important component in related optical design. material. In addition, it is also a very good ultraviolet transparent optical material and can be used as a substitute for oxide glass and fluorine crystals. According to Huo Jinlong, in the past, because only a few foreign companies could manufacture fluorophosphorus optical glass, the price they sold to domestic companies was RMB 2,000 per kilogram. However, with the success of Xinhuaguang’s research and development, fluorophosphorus optical glass became available on the market. The price of glass is reduced to about 200 yuan per kilogram. 'More importantly, in the past, foreign companies adopted the strategy of bundling sales. They bought fluorine-phosphorus optical glass and some other types of optical glass. This created unfair competition for domestic companies that produce optical materials.' Huo Jinlong said In order to gain a foothold in the fierce market, Xin Huaguang has increased its investment in technology research and development and developed fluorophosphorus optical glass since 2004. After 11 years of continuous exploration, it finally developed the first generation of fluorophosphorus optical glass in 2015. Glass, in 2020, the second-generation fluoro-phosphorus optical glass with superior technical indicators will be developed. Optical materials belong to the new material technology field in the 'High-tech Fields Supported by the State'. With the continuous development of the national economy and national defense technology, their applications are becoming more and more extensive. In August 2020, Xinhuaguang integrated the company’s technical strength, increased investment in technology research and development, and established the Xiangyang Key Laboratory of Optical Materials, focusing on the industrialization technology of fluorine-phosphorus H-FK glass; the development of low-melting glass and aspheric precision pressing -Type technology; research and development of high-transmittance materials, ultra-high refractive index optical materials and other technologies to achieve high-definition, miniaturization, and light-weight optical materials. At present, the laboratory has 60 scientific and technological developers, consisting of 36 professional and technical personnel and 24 skilled personnel. It is understood that although the laboratory has not been established for a long time, it has made breakthroughs in many fields. Among them, the formula of fluorophosphorus glass has been systematically studied, and a number of innovative designs have been carried out on its special production processes and equipment. The formulation development of 4 new products has been completed, and preparations are being made for the expansion of trial production. After the mass production of the product, the goal of serialization and localization of fluorophosphorus glass will be initially completed. Huo Jinlong said that in the future the Xiangyang Key Laboratory of Optical Materials will provide a shared service platform for the optical materials industry in the city and the province, improve the production technology and application design level of optical materials in the city and the province, and build key experiments with outstanding professional innovation capabilities. The office plays a more important industry leading role in boosting the development of the regional economy.

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