Filter usage details and focus lens cleaning and maintenance


All optical components are precision instruments, especially optical filters, and the surface is easily scratched. Improper cleaning and storage methods may damage the surface film of the filter, reduce its application performance and shorten its service life. Therefore, the correct maintenance method is extremely important.

   Now let’s talk about the small details that should be paid attention to in the ordinary use of the optical glass filter:

  1. In normal use, you should take care as much as possible and pay attention to the external environment to avoid scratching the filter by the zippers of the clothes and the buttons of the laser focus lens, or put the filter on the In a dirty or dusty environment.

  2. Wear finger cots when touching the filter to avoid corrosion of the substrate surface by salt and acid on your hands.

  3. When taking the filter, hold the edge of the filter in your hand, even if you are wearing a finger cot, do not touch the light-transmitting surface of the filter .

  4. The filter should be placed on a soft and clean object, not on glass, metal, table, or dirty paper.

   5. When storing, it should be placed in clean laser protective lens capacitor paper or special lens cleaning paper. The storage temperature should be kept as close as possible to about 23℃, and the humidity should not be higher than 40%. It is better to put it in a dry storage cabinet.

   6. When you find any stains on the surface, clean it immediately. Because dust can easily scratch the surface, and if the acidic substances left by the fingers accidentally stay for too long, it will easily chemically react with the surface coating materials and become stains.

   7. If there are stains or fingerprints on the surface, you can wipe it with absolute ethanol or a similar functional solvent into the laser collimator. The specific method is as follows: wear a dust-free finger cot on your fingers, soak the towel with absolute ethanol, drag the edge of the towel soaked with ethanol, and move it in a single direction on the surface of the filter. Use as much force as possible during the wiping process. Too much pressure may damage the surface of the filter.

  The purpose of using solvents is to dissolve the sticky deposits on the surface of the filter. But it is worth reminding that any cleaning may reduce the surface grade at the micro level.

   8. Do not stack the filters together to avoid wear.

  Optical lens In addition, the maintenance method of different optical filters depends on the type of product and the nature of the care needs. The above methods are only for optical glass, and are not completely applicable to optical filters of other substrate materials such as plastics.

  Laser lens has a very important position in the laser system. The change of laser light path is achieved by the refraction of the lens.

  Cleaning and maintenance:

   1. The focusing lens material is Znse or zincated arsenic, which is relatively brittle and easily broken. Do not directly collide with hard objects if you use too much force. The surface of the AR-coated optical lens is afraid of pollution, wet, oily, and scratches. Therefore, it is required to provide dry and degreasing air during work. Please use recommended cleaning equipment and cleaning methods when cleaning. .

  2. The equipment must be operated with sufficient air pressure. Before working, you can stretch your finger to the light outlet of the focusing lens to check whether there is air flowing out and whether the air pressure is sufficient!

  3. Before starting work every day, please take out the lens barrel with the focusing lens and observe whether the focusing lens is polluted. The cleaning principle of the focusing lens is pollution-free and try not to clean it , Pollution needs to be cleaned in time!

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