Fasino Optics launches glass melting furnace endoscope


   France Sino Optics is the exclusive agent of Ce Sy Co high-temperature endoscopes in China. The products are mainly used to observe the flames of the glass melting furnace, the burning of materials, the erosion and collapse of the refractory surface in the furnace, and the tin bath. The running status of the inner glass plate, top roll, edge-drawing machine, edge stopper, etc. There are three main types of    products:   1. Fixed high-temperature endoscope---real-time monitoring: fixed on the chest wall of the furnace, real-time monitoring of the flame burning in the furnace, melting of materials, etc. Commonly used length is 700mm, caliber 70mm. 2. Endoscopic high temperature endoscope for tin bath-----real-time monitoring: fixed on the chest wall of the tin bath, real-time monitoring of the glass plate, side wall machine, top roll, etc. in the tin bath, the commonly used length is 3 meters 55, the caliber 89mm.  3. Portable high-temperature endoscope---fault inspection: It is shared by multiple production lines, used to observe whether the refractory materials (refractory bricks) in the furnace are corroded, collapsed, etc., so that the defects of the furnace can be found and repaired in time. The length is 450mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 6000mm, etc., and the caliber is 19mm, 38mm, etc.   Advantages of endoscopic camera system:   1. Low maintenance cost: The front end of the endoscope is an independent lens, so the maintenance cost is low. You only need to change the lens, and there will be no problems with the cooling jacket. 2. Clear image: Compared with the external camera system, its advantages are (1) you can clearly see the flame situation in the glass melting furnace, the burning and melting of materials, etc., which is convenient for various adjustments and effectively improves production;    (2) can clearly Seeing the degree of surface erosion of refractory materials in the furnace, timely maintenance measures were taken to reduce production shutdowns and increase production. (3) It is possible to clearly observe the operation of the glass plate in the tin bath, and realize the complete and clear presentation of the role and positional relationship between the forming equipment such as the edge puller and the edge stopper and the glass ribbon in the operator’s view. At the moment, it is convenient to make various adjustments, which effectively shortens the time for the tin bath to adjust the glass thickness and glass width, improves work efficiency, and also improves the draw rate and total yield.  3. Quality Assurance: The inside of the refrigeration jacket adopts a combination of optical lenses, the picture is clear, and the cycle refrigeration is adopted, which is not easy to burn. High-temperature endoscopes that have been used for more than 10 years will not leak water and air, and can withstand high temperatures of 2000 degrees.  4. Easy to carry: For portable high-temperature endoscopes, in addition to convenient carrying, flexible operation and light weight, the front end probe of the endoscope can be directly observed with the naked eye after being inserted into the furnace, or it can be transferred to the camera to take pictures and videos.

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