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1. Get down, and don't be afraid of dirty

If you still follow the usual habits of viewing angle, and shooting animals from up to down. Then you can try to get down, lying on the floor, and shooting in the horizontal line with the pet. Commanding angle cannot bring us a good pet photograph, it is often stereotyped, and numb. Instead, only if you can parallel to see your pet's eyes, you can find the best shooting angle, and make the small animal in the photo shows its personality and temperament.

2. The correct light source

Open flash toward to the pet while shooting will make pet's eyes turn to be strange color. Because the pupil of the animals is relatively large, when the light passes through the pupil landing on the retina, the retinal will reflected back to the light in place of the optical path at the same time, so that the eyes you shot may be green, yellow or red. Therefore, you can try to let the flash facing the ceiling and using the reflected light to light the pet and then shooting. Or you can take out the flash from the camera and take it in your hand to light in a side. What's more, you can also choose to use a variety of indoor lighting or outdoor natural light instead of using flash as much as possible.

3. Fill the viewfinder

Photography is an art of choices. How to get rid of redundant elements in the viewfinder is the basic skill of picture composition. Using the telephoto lens or wide-angle lens are also good ways. The trick is very simple, is that come closer and closer. In short, you have to try to make pets fill the viewfinder so you can shoot a lifelike pet photograph.

4. Focus on pet's eyes

Maybe you have already used a maximum aperture when in a dark light shooting, which means a very shallow depth of field. Even so, the focus must fall on the pet's eyes. This is the changeless rule. Taking a clear shot for the 'window to the soul,' and do not miss the moment the small pets talking to you with its eyes.

5. Take care of your pet when shooting

Adjust your camera in automatic or aperture priority status, then hand on your camera on one hand and take care of your pet by another hand. You can tease it, or touch its fur to make it comfortable and relax. Small animals unlike the model can easy to pose, so you should have to master the timing of pressing the shutter.

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