An etalon is an optical interferometer in which a beam of light undergoes multiple reflections between two reflecting surfaces, and the resulting optical transmission (or reflection) is periodic in wavelength. Etalons can be considered a narrowband wavelength filter and can be used as precise wavelength references in telecommunication applications where the periodicity of the signal provides an array of reference frequencies for the telecommunication frequency grid. When used with active feedback electronics, etalons form the basis of wavelength locking systems that can be used to stabilize the wavelength of a laser.

Etalons are widely used in telecommunications, lasers, and spectroscopy to control and measure the wavelengths of light.

CRYLIGHT is dedicated to manufacturing high precision beamsplitter cubes. The typical etalon types we offer are air-spaced and solid etalons are made from either optical glass or silicon material.

Etalon Capabilities


Schtott Zerodur, Corning ULE or Fused Silca

Typical Type:

Air-Space, Solid Etalon


4x3x6, other dimension is available


Better than 1 aresec

Dimension Tolerance(mm):



<L/20 @632.8nm

Typical FSR:

25, 50, 100, 200G

Typical FSR Tolerance:

+/-0.02G for 50-100G, +/-0.04G for 100-200G

Surface Quality(S/D):


CRYLIGHT'S production lines of Etalon

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