Does your child need to wear glasses, and hates

by:Crylight     2020-09-13

Of course the moment when you put lenses in causes a bit of discomfort, and so does the process of removing them. Still, it doesn't hurt and, with a little bit of practice, most teens can easily manage inserting and removing the lenses.Is it difficult to care for contact lenses?The days when contact lenses required different solutions for storing, cleaning and protein removing are gone. Now contact lens care is quite simple. For most soft lenses, all you need is a multi-purpose solution (for cleaning and storing) and a contact lens case.And if you go for daily disposable contact lenses there is no care at all - just take the lens out of its sterile package and pop it in. If you don't trust your child to care for his or her lenses properly, dailies are the perfect solution.Do contacts cost much more than glasses?A pair of glasses costs more than a pair of contact lenses, but since contact lenses have to be replaced more often, their overall cost is higher. Daily disposable and color contacts are the most expensive; monthly disposable lenses do not cost as much. And, of course, the cost of contact lenses varies greatly from brand to brand.However, if you know the secrets of buying discount contacts online, most lenses will cost less than 50 cents per day. I think you would agree that this is a fair price to pay for convenience, and to increase your kid's self-esteem.So do you think that contact lenses can be a solution for your child? Give contact lenses a try and see if this helps your kid to feel better about herself of himself.Tanya Turner is an eye health and vision expert. She provides consumer information, tips and advice about healthy contact lenses as well as reviews of trusted online retailers of cheap contact lenses

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