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1. You should begin by planning your shot sequence, because when you are shooting photos for panorama, you will be taking ten or more pictures in a sequence. It is best to do a dry run looking through the viewfinder to plan the entire sequence in advance on the way you will arrange your shots.

2. Though you can shoot photo sequence in any direction, but it is best if you can shoot from left to right, as it turns into much easier to make sense with your shots when you are viewing them on your laptop or computer, and you will get them in best order in the software.

3. In panoramic photography, your photos should overlap to enable software to stitch them perfectly. You can effortlessly stitch your photographs with a twenty percent overlap or even less. However, thirty to fifty percent overlap is recommended. A large overlap in panoramic photography delivers you a sufficient room for fine-tuning your final results.

4. For increasing the vertical field of view by about fifty percent, you should turn your camera sideways for shooting your photos in portrait position. You will have to shoot more frames for covering the same scene, but with this maneuver, you will get considerable vertical coverage.

5. When rotating your camera in panoramic 360 photography, you really should keep it as close to horizontal as is possible, that is aim the middle of viewfinder in your camera at the horizon line. Aside from that, you should turn your camera sideways for deep or tall subjects, to get much greater vertical angle of view.

6. Some cameras also have grid lines feature, which assists the user to display a grid of vertical or horizontal lines in their viewfinder while shooting. By turning the grid lines on, you can keep the horizion level and can easily estimate the overlap between the frames.

Each time when the frame is shot, you should remember an object which was underneath the grid line one third of the way in from the edge of the frame. You should then rotate photographic camera in a way that object is now on the edge of the frame. This can give you about one third overlap, which is best for stitching panoramas.

7. You can get best results in panoramic photography by using tripod. This will ensure that all your shots are in the same planes and it is much easier to keep everything in line. However, you must ensure that your tripod is level before you start shooting. Some tripods have built in bubble level to assist you in leveling.

If you are planning to buy a tripod, you should decide on one that comes with two separate levels, where one is for leveling left to right and one is for leveling front to back. These tripods are more accurate than single dome style bubble levels, and would give best results in your panoramic pictures.

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