Dipstick and FloorPro are two leading devices


The Dipstick requires you to use your arm and hand so that you can rotate it off from its forward point unto another location. It is normally held just within its forward point in order that they'll step down the line. A process like this could be frustrating, tedious and takes out lots of energy within you. FloorPro literally runs with a press of a button. At the same time it also records the measurements as it run through the floor. It's truly not that tedious whatsoever. In reality, it is possible to basically use it the floor, press the start button, and do other stuff without having to worry on the outcome.

The FloorPro is a tiny, lightweight rolling precision inclinometer tool driven by 8 10-hour capacity D-cell batteries. It can travel at 40 feet per minute on its aluminum chassis and parts and hardened wheels made out of stainless steel. It is designed with a laser beam headlight to guide its direction. On its back, you can find a cable port used for downloading the data on your computer. There's also a backlit LCD or liquid crystal display that prompts its user at the time you input the required information to your project. In the end, each survey line will have the outcomes of the waviness index, auto straightedge index, FF and FL number measurements shown on its LCD. The data can be stored and saved as well for you to use in the future.

The FloorPro will assure yourself on any contract compliance matters. Now you can create professional-looking reports similar with that of the Dipstick. And since Dipstick and FloorPro basically has the same functions when it comes to reporting, it will enable you to effectively compete against test lab that owns Dipstick. It will allow you as well to be more productive in coming up with your report on the exact day you measure. So, there's no need for you to operate in the late nights anymore.

First and foremost, the advantage of FloorPro is that it doesn't keep you occupied while on the course of your measurement. All you've got to bother for is that at the start and towards the end of the measurement. It is possible to easily shave of an hour or two of the time that you would usually devote to measuring. You can basically clear up some time in your work whilst other men are busy working with their manually-ran equipment. Consider that, there's actually no other device in the market at this time that comes close to what FloorPro can provide.

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