Digital technologies are pushing their boundaries


Motion gaming

Gone are the days of Nintendo Wii which is now labelled as a toy. It's a world of motion gaming, where a gamer can visualize gaming conditions. The computing power of Xbox 360 or Playstation 2 slim and Playstation 3 slim in which the game is played by waving the controller at the screen is outstanding. The motion gaming craze has just begun. It will spread its wings further in the coming years.


Smartphones are the fastest growing technological advancement in all the sectors. Products are launched on continuous basis with hundreds of them already thronging the mobile market industry. Demand for smartphones roars with the demand for supportive technologies developed. Using internet, reading a barcode, social networking etc. are some of the supportive technologies. Blackberry launched Blackberry 8520 which is acknowledged as a dream for all the smartphones. Many low price models such as Samsung c3300 were launched in this category to target all the segments of the people.

Digital cameras

Camera is the only device which can actually capture an expression and can store it. It is one of the greatest advancements in the arena of digital technologies. Gone are the days when images were captured on photographic films and lot of time was wasted in developing them. Digital camera gives an option to not only produce high quality images but also to view them as soon as you click them. With further advancements, cutting edge software and features are being made available.

LCDs and LEDs

Sleek, thin and beautiful are some of the words that came from the mouth when a LCD from preco philips is seen on the wall. They have actually changed the way of watching a television. Fine picture quality with perfect sound has changed the parameters of the most common mode of entertainment.

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Thus, this big advancement in the field of digital technology hasn't been about just the development of products but also to make living simpler and more luxurious.

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