Decided to change your eye color with colored


Freshlook Colorblends - opaque, monthly disposable lenses with bright, brilliant color and natural looking patterns. The most popular shades are Amethyst, Blue Sapphire and Green

Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque - 2 week disposable color lenses that create soft looking color

Durasoft 2 and Durasoft 3 Opaques - strikingly bright, yet natural looking, color. Durasoft is a hand-painted annual replacement contact lens. Durasoft 3 looks best, but it is expensive

Illusions - also annual replacement, hand-painted color contacts. For a soft, light color chose Soft Green of Soft Blue. If you want a striking color, go for Violet, Deep Blue or Deep Green

If your eyes and skin are dark, be careful not to get a color that is very light. Light green or blue eyes won't look natural with bronze skin. Instead go for deep blue, green or amethyst.

Compare photos of color contact lenses for dark eyes Best color contacts for light eyesIf your eyes are light, you can wear both opaque and enhancer color contact lenses. To change your color select opaque contacts, because green enhancers over blue eyes, or vice versa, can give unpredictable result.Recommended color contacts for light eyes:

Freshlook Dimensions - monthly disposable contacts that don't change your natural color, but add depth and make your eyes appear large

Freshlook Radiance - also monthly disposables, which make your eyes appear bright and sparkling. Radiance comes in Eden, Moonlight, Sunrise and Autumn. The Radiance effect is really striking.

Durasoft 2 for light eyes - annual replacement color lenses. The lens looks very natural because of the carefully painted pattern and blend of colors. You can get Aquamarine, Sky Blue, Jade Green, Violet Blue

Illusions Soft Blue and Soft Green - opaque annual replacement color lenses that create beautiful, very light, natural looking color.

See pictures of color contact lenses for light eyes People with very light eyes should be particularly careful. Some enhancement color contacts tend to make light eyes look darker. The solution here can be quite unusual - go for opaque lenses that simulate light color, rather than enhancers. Soft Green or Soft Blue Illusions can be a good choice.If you feel like you want to change something in your appearance, trying color contact lenses is a good choice. Get yourself a pair of brilliant color contacts and enjoy watching heads turn as you pass.Tanya Turner is a contact lens expert and a founder of Contact Lenses Consumer Guide where you can find unbiased information about best colored contact lenses, and special effect contact lenses with reviews and photos.

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