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Materials: Custom label choices are available in permanent and removable adhesive i.e. matte white, semi gloss, and high gloss. Other materials used in manufacturing custom labels include: matte white opaque, matte white polyester, matte white polyethylene, and matt clear polyester, which are available in permanent adhesive only. Full colour materials available in permanent adhesive are matte red, green, yellow, blue, black, silver and gold. Permanent adhesive, Matt Fluorescent is available in a wide variety of colours i.e. green, yellow, pink, red and orange. Some other materials play a pivotal role in enhancing the product quality i.e. matt permanent, matt black vinyl permanent and matt off white permanent.

Tool: Durable tool is used in creating custom size labels that determines the sizes and shapes of the labels. This tool is made from steel using laser machine for accuracy. Once made this is then magnetically wrapped on to a magnetic cylinder with a repeat length of 297mm. It is A4 length.

How and Why Are Custom Labels Compatible Marketing Tool? The main reason behind the compatibility and versatility of the customised labels is critical role of inkjet printer, laser printers, photocopier, flexo, digital, and thermal printers. They are available in different shapes and styles i.e. rectangle, circle, oval, square, etc. Size can be selected according to customer's choice.

Where Can I Use Customised Labels? Truly speaking, personalised labels can be applied on a wider variety of products, such as glass beverage bottles, milk bottles, wine bottles, food containers, pizzas, cardboard boxes, mobile phones, LDCs, DVDs, TVs, Laptops, IPods, CD Jackets, parcels, bracelets, necklaces, watches, metals, plastic and many others.

What Can Custom Label Do For My Business? Believe me custom labels are perfectly affordable marketing tools, they can be applied on any object, product, exterior, and gloss surface elegantly. They are compatible and durable promotional tools for both small scale and large scale industries. Personalised labels are efficient, cost effective and user friendly products. More importantly, they can create your business identity instantly. Further, they can be used to get a competitive edge over the competitors. Manufacture in bulk at cost effective rates. They are smarter way of getting customer attentions. Enhance sales volumes, increase customer retentions, suitable and proactive.

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